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HBO’s The Last of Us Adds Original Game’s Director Neil Druckmann as Episode Director

The Last of Us Series Directors On Board

HBO’s The Last of Us TV series has added Neil Druckmann, the original game’s director to the list of episode directors. The news was revealed through the updated production list from the Director’s Guild of Canada. He is also set to write and executive produce the series, and he is one of the five directors for the upcoming series.

Druckmann will be joining the co-writer and showrunner Craig Mazin and Kantemir Balagov, who will be directing the series’ pilot episode, and the other two directors are Peter Hoar and Jasmila Žbanić. Druckmann was already involved with the project as co-writer and executive producer, but now he will play three roles behind-the-scene of the series. We still don’t know if Druckmann is directing only one episode or multiple episodes.

The Last of Us Adds Original Game's Director Neil Druckmann
Credit – Naughty Dog

Fans will be surely loving this news as Druckmann was responsible for the direction of the original games that fans have loved for some time now, but now Druckmann is taking over many responsibilities on the HBO series so it looks like that the TV series will be relying more heavily on the original games than we originally thought.

The DGC production list also confirms that the production on the series will be finished on June 8, 2022, so that means we at least have to for more than one and a half years to see Joel and Ellie on HBO or HBO Max. The series is currently filming in Calgary.

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