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The Best Horror Movies to Binge on This Christmas Season

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If you are not over the spooks of Halloween and would like to continue to get scared on Christmas, there is a fantastic way to celebrate – by watching a bunch of spooky movies that will give you goosebumps. We’ve put together a list of the best movies for your Christmas movie nights.

Some are old classics, and others are new favorites, but they’re all designed to make your spine tingle. So, turn off the lights, get some popcorn, and be prepared for a scary movie marathon. Our selection of Halloween plus Christmas movies will leave you breathless and wanting more.

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But do make sure that you aren’t disturbed by the constant buffer of the movies, or not finding a good selection on TV, or worse that your movie night just comes to an end before it starts. The internet is by far the most essential item when it comes to doing anything online these days and thus must be the one that you can always count on.

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Halloween Movies on Shudder
Credit – Compass International Pictures

Halloween is one of the most well-known holidays in the United States, but for most of the world Halloween means something else, and that is John Carpenter’s iconic 1978 horror slasher film. This is the film that gave us the scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, who stars in the lead role of Laurie Strode constantly being hunted by the ruthless masked killer Michael Myers. Halloween is set in a quaint American town, which gives us the perfect contrast for the mayhem about to ensue this Halloween.

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Movies Like Totally Killer
Credit – Dimension Films

Even if you aren’t well-versed in the slasher horror genre you know about two slasher franchises the first one being Halloween, which was the first one on this list and the second one is Scream. Created in the vision of Wes Craven, this 1996 classic film did something on a shoestring budget that many big-budget Hollywood films can’t do and that is creating a space for itself in the zeitgeist. The film follows a group of teenagers who are being killed one by one by a masked killer known as Ghostface, and the brilliant thing about the killer being in a mask is that it can be anyone which is also the reason we are still seeing Scream sequels every other year.

Totally Killer

Movies Like Totally Killer
Credit – Prime Video

For the fans of the Back to the Future and the Scream franchises, we have good news for you because these franchises had sex and their baby is known as Totally Killer. Directed by Nahnatchka Khan, the Prime Video film is set in a town still haunted by the brutal murders of three teens that happened thirty-five years ago. In the present day, we follow the story of a 17-year-old girl Jamie and on Halloween, the killer from thirty-five years ago claims another victim who is Jamie’s mother. Jamie travels back in time to thirty-five years ago and tries to find the killer in the past to save her mother in the present. Totally Killer has the right amount of gore and nostalgia, and most importantly it’s a brilliant comedy.

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The Conference

Movies Like The Conference
Credit – Netflix

A horror fan can never go wrong with a slasher comedy film with a masked killer thrown in there. Directed by Patrik Eklund, the Swedish language film titled The Conference has a basic slasher premise of a group of people in a remote location as a masked killer picks them off one by one. What makes this Netflix different is its characters who are colleagues working for a public office on a team-building exercise and all of the monotony that comes with such a dull job, only to make it exciting with some brutal murders and a fight for survival.

The Fall of the House of Usher

The Fall of the House of Usher Release Date
Credit – Netflix

If you are in the mood for a haunting tale about greed and comeuppance then you should check out Netflix’s limited series titled The Fall of the House of Usher. Loosely based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe and adapted for television by Mike Flanagan, the series follows the story of the Patriarch of the Usher family Roderick Usher. In this series, we find out how the siblings Roderick and Madeline Usher created their empire and more importantly what secrets they had to hide to build it. All of these hidden secrets start to come out when the heirs of the Usher empire die one by one.

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