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7 Best Shows Like ‘The Lovers’ To Watch If You Love the Series

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The Lovers is a romantic comedy series written by Johnny Flynn and Roisin Gallagher, who also star in the series as the lead characters Seamus and Janet. The Sky Atlantic series follows the story of Seamus and Janet who meet by chance when Janet is trying to kill herself and Seamus is trying to save himself from a bunch of goons. The series also stars Alice Eve, Conleth Hill, and Evelyn Miller. So, if you loved The Lovers here are some similar shows you should check out next.

Colin From Accounts (Paramount+ & Prime Video Add-On)

Shows Like Colin From Accounts
Credit – Binge

Colin From Accounts is the show you need to watch if you love The Lovers. In both of these rom-com shows you will find flawed and funny human beings afraid of life and all its glory as they try to find happiness together. Created by and starring a real-life couple Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall, the Australian series follows two people who were brought together because of a naked boob, a car accident, and an injured dog. If that sounds interesting check this series out and believe me you won’t be disappointed.

Fleabag (Prime Video)

Shows Like Killing Eve
Credit – Prime Video

Fleabag is witty, abrasive, loud, and sexual, in short everything you loved about Janet in The Lovers. Created by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the Prime Video series follows the story of a young woman on the brink of emotional destruction, who runs a cafe, lives in London, takes the piss out of her sister, and breaks the fourth wall a lot. The series is based on a play of the same name by Waller-Bridge.

Catastrophe (Prime Video)

Shows Like Trying
Credit – Channel 4

Created by and starring Rob Delaney and Sharon Hogan, this British rom-com series titled Catastrophe has so much to love for the fans of The Lovers. The Prime Video series follows the story of Rob, an American man on a trip to London, who meets Sharon, a schoolteacher leading to some well-spent nights together resulting in an accident pregnancy. After hearing this news Rob moves to London and they try to make a life together leading to some hilarious and heartbreaking moments.

You’re the Worst (Hulu & Rent on Prime Video)

Shows Like Seinfeld
Credit – FX

A comedic love story of two psychologically unsound and selfish people is front and center in FX’s You’re the Worst. Created by Stephen Falk, the FX series revolves around a narcissistic novelist Jimmy Shive-Overly, and a cynical publicist Gretchen who meets at a wedding and decides to sleep together. This night marks the beginning of a relationship filled with fear, self-destruction, clinical depression, and a lot of funny jabs. You’re the Worst stars Chris Geere and Aya Cash in the lead role with Desmin Borges, Kether Donohue, Janet Varney, and Todd Robert Anderson starring in supporting roles.

Lovesick (Netflix & Rent on Prime Video)

Shows Like How I Met Your Mother
Credit – Netflix

Lovesick (also known as Scrotal Recall) is a British comedy series created by Tom Edge. The Netflix series follows the story of a young romantic Dylan, and his two best friends. Dylan has been looking for “the one” for a long and in his search he has been intimate with loads of women, but when he finds out that he has a sexually transmitted disease he has to inform every woman he has slept with. He makes a list and meets each woman to tell them thinking that there might be a chance they reconnect. If you loved Johnny Flynn as the bumbling idiot, who is awkward about love and relationships, you will certainly find him enjoyable in Lovesick, as he is also the lead in this series.

Love (Netflix)

Shows Like Master of None
Credit – Netflix

Created by Judd Apatow, Leslie Arfin, and Paul Rust, Love is a brilliant romantic comedy-drama series that follows the screwed-up relationship of Mickey and Gus. The Netflix series revolves around two young people who have not found themselves as they try to focus on their careers and their love lives. A chance meeting between them sparks a relationship that might bring them happiness or ensure future therapist visits. Love stars Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs in the lead roles with Claudia O’Doherty, Iris Apatow, Chris Witaske, Brett Gelman, and Mike Mitchell starring in supporting roles.

Love Life (Rent on Prime Video)

Love Life Season 2 Teaser & Release Date
Credit – HBO Max

Love Life is an anthology romantic comedy series following a new set of characters each season. Created by Sam Boyd, the Max series follows the story of young people from their first experience of love to who they eventually end up with. The series also tries to show how the people we meet along the way make us ready for our final person. Love Life stars Anna Kendrick as the lead in the first season with William Jackson Harper starring as the lead in the second season.

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