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7 Best Shows Like ‘Flex X Cop’ To Watch If You Loved the K-Drama

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Fans of crime procedurals are finding Flex X Cop to be their new favorite as the Korean drama is hitting big with the masses. Based on the 2015 Russian series titled Silver Spoon, the Disney+ series follows the story of Jin Isoo, an immature rich heir who gets into some trouble and the following circumstances force his hands into joining the police force where he partners up with an intelligent veteran detective Lee Gang-hyun, and together they solve dangerous and complex cases. So, if you love the thrills and comedy of Flex X Cop and want to watch more shows like it then you should check out these similar shows next.

The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited (Crunchyroll, Funimation & Prime Video Add-On)

Shows Like Flex X Cop
Credit – Fuji TV

A rich cop with a seemingly unlimited bank balance and an idealistic cop team up to fight crime, if that sounds familiar to all of Flex X Cop’s fans, then you should check out the Japanese anime series The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited. Based on the novel The Millionaire Detective by Yasutaka Tsutsui, the anime series revolves around Daisuke Kambe, a police detective for the Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters, who has an unlimited bank balance which he uses in various ways to solve his cases. He is partnered up with an idealistic cop whose personality is opposite of Daisuke.

Life (Peacock & Rent on Prime Video)

Sarah Shahi Movies and TV Shows
Credit – NBC

Replace a rich heir with a wrongfully convicted cop who is now very wealthy because of that conviction and we have got the crime procedural series Life, which should be an interesting watch for the Flex X Cop fans. Created by Rand Ravich, Life follows the story of Detective Charlie Crews who spent twelve years in prison for a crime he did not commit after getting out he gets a big bank balance due to the settlement but what he wants is to find the real criminal who was responsible for his incarceration, and the only way to catch him is to rejoin the police force as a detective where he is partnered up with a smart and diligent detective. Life stars Damien Lewis and Sarah Shahi in the lead roles with Adam Arkin, Brent Saxton, Donal Logue, and Brooke Langton starring in supporting roles.

Castle (Hulu & Rent on Prime Video)

Shows Like Castle
Credit – ABC

Jin Isoo’s playful nature and unique insights into murder investigations make a big chunk of Flex X Cop and if it’s also the things that drew you guys to the series then you should check out the crime procedural series Castle. Created by Andrew W. Marlowe, the ABC series follows the story of Richard Castle, a popular mystery novelist suffering from writer’s block until a killer uses his books as inspirations for his murders. Castle is brought in for questioning by the NYPD and soon Castle partners up with young Detective Kate Beckett to solve complex murders. Castle stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic in the lead roles with Susan Sullivan, Molly Quinn, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, and Tamala Jones starring in supporting roles.

Hello Monster (Viki)

Shows Like Flex X Cop
Credit – KBS2

Hello Monster is an intriguing mystery thriller K-drama directed by Noh Sang-hoon and Kim Jin-won from a screenplay by Kwon Ki-young. The KBS2 series follows the story of Genius profiler Lee Hyun, who returns after working in New York to join a criminal investigation team and together they solve complex murder cases. While Lee Hyun is not as rich as Jin Isoo, Hello Monster and Flex X Cop have a very similar concept meaning an outsider with a unique ability who joins a detective team to solve murder cases. Hello Monster stars

Psych (Prime Video, Apple TV & Peacock)

Shows Like Flex X Cop
Credit – Peacock

A curious person with a high intellect who pretends to be a psychic and starts to consult detective to solve intricate murders, and if that doesn’t sound very familiar it’s of no issue because aside from their bank balances both Flex X Cop and Psych’s protagonists have a playful personality and penchant for getting involved in dangerous circumstances. Created by Steve Franks, the crime comedy series follows the story of Shawn Spencer, the son of a cop who taught him to read clues from a very early age. Now with the help of his childhood best friend Gus, he assists the police force in solving complex crime cases while pretending to be a psychic because of a lie he told in the first 10 minutes of the pilot episode. Psych stars James Roday Rodriguez and Dulé Hill in lead roles with Maggie Lawson, Timothy Omundson, Kirsten Nelson, and Corbin Bernsen starring in supporting roles.

White Collar (Prime Video & Hulu)

Shows Like The Blacklist
Credit – USA Network

A charming genius forger and an equally genius FBI Agent team up to solve some of the dangerous and complex white-collar crimes, and while the protagonist in this procedural series is not an heir like Jin Isoo, he can get his hands on any amount of money whenever he wants to. Created by Jeff Eastin, White Collar follows the story of a charming con artist and forger Neal Caffrey, who teams up with FBI Agent Peter Burke who caught him to solve intricate and sometimes dangerous white-collar crimes. White Collar stars Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay in lead roles with Willie Garson, Tiffani Thiessen, Marsha Thomason, and Sharif Atkins starring in supporting roles.

APB (Rent on Prime Video)

Shows Like Flex X Cop
Credit – FOX

While not a rich heir Gideon Reeves is extremely rich and while he doesn’t exactly join the police as he buys it, we get a similar procedural style with the same concept in APB and Flex X Cop. Loosely based on a 2015 New York Times Magazine titled “Who Runs the Streets of New Orleans?” by David Amsden and created by David Slack, the Fox procedural drama follows the story of a tech billionaire Gideon Reeves, who buys an underfunded Chicago Police Force after the murder of his best friend remains unsolved. APB stars Justin Kirk in the lead role with Natalie Martinez, Caitlin Stasey, Taylor Handley, and Daniel MacPherson starring in supporting roles.

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