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Seven Great Movies that Celebrate Friendship

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Friends are an integral part of happy people’s lives. Friendship isn’t only about support and fun, but also about the fullness of life, acceptance, and the feeling that you have like-minded people. Not everyone is lucky enough to find true friends. People trust their secrets and share their joys and failures with their real buddies. Here you can find the best 7 movie recommendations that show having a real friend is the greatest blessing.

Get ready to watch movies about friendship

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So here comes the list of movies to watch with friends:

Knocking the Heaven’s Door

Credit – Buena Vista International

Two doomed people make a choice: stay in the hospital or see the sea? Together, they set off on one last journey, perhaps experiencing the taste of life for the first time. So begins a strange story about friendship and dreams with excellent direction, subtle humor, a stunning actor’s performance, and a legendary Bob Dylan song.


Best Movies Leaving HBO Max
Credit – Universal Pictures

It would seem that we are facing a light comedy with a spoiled teddy bear in the main role, but if you look closely, the picture unexpectedly reveals complex philosophical problems. As a child, John had no friends until one day his cherished wish came true. His teddy bear came to life. And now grown up, John must learn to live in a world where there is a place not only for his best friend but also for love.

The Kings of Summer

The Kings of Summer
Credit – CBS Films

A sharp sense of freedom, rebellion against parents and society, finding one’s way and friendship make this movie great for kids and a must-watch for adults. Three friends Joe, Patrick and Biaggio want to become full masters of their destiny and run away into the forest. Parents consider their problems the most important. They do not understand the difficult period of their children’s growing up.

The First Wives Club

Credit – Paramount Pictures

It’s a sparkling comedy about female friendship and overcoming a life crisis. The main heroines were abandoned by their beloved men; at first, the ladies wanted to take revenge, but then their plans changed. The film impresses not only with the plot but also with a beautiful cast: Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, and Sarah Jessica Parker in the role of an insidious temptress.

Thelma and Louise

Best Heist Movies Led By Women
Credit – MGM

This film won the Oscar for best screenplay and became a classic about female friendship. Thelma and Louise are rebels, suffocating in their usual life. They decide to go to the mountains for the weekend. They don’t even suspect what awaits them on the way. And on the way they have many troubles and a young Brad Pitt.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Credit – Sony Pictures

The film is based on a story that happened in Japan in the 20s of the 20th century. Professor Parker Wilson meets the new four-legged friend. When Hachi grows up, he begins to constantly accompany his master, who sees him off at the station every day. And even after the professor dies unexpectedly, faithful Hachi continues to wait for his friend.


It’s a sincere, soulful, and warm film about the fact that there are no boundaries for true friendship. When two people from different worlds meet a miracle could happen. The first one is a troubled boy from the suburbs who doesn’t want to work. The second one is an aristocrat sitting in a wheelchair. After all, their differences can become important steps on the ladder of mutual understanding. There is no despair in this picture, but only an undying desire not to give up.


Iconic best-friend duos in movies teach us how to live and tell how to act in a particular situation. We have collected films that will remind you what friendship is and show how a true friend acts. The characters of these films are ready for anything for the sake of their friends. They together overcome any obstacles with honor. And the audience gets the opportunity to experience sad and funny moments from friends’ lives.

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