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‘No One Will Save You’ – Recap & Ending Explained (Is it a Happy Ending or a Sinister One?)

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Spoilers Alert!!

No One Will Save You is a sci-fi horror film written and directed by Brian Duffield. Starring Kaitlyn Dever in the lead role of Brynn, the film premiered on Hulu on September 22. It follows Brynn, a seamstress who is leading a solitary life as she spends her days visiting her late mother’s grave, taking care of miniature model houses, and organizing dance parties alone in her departed parent’s house.

In the beginning of No One Will Save You, we see Brynn visiting her mother’s grave with a little picnic but as she begins to leave she sees a couple and hides from them. After getting back to her house she starts writing a letter to someone named Maude who is later revealed to be her best friend, in which she mentions that she saw her parents today. After she recieved a package from the mailman a montage begins in which we see her dancing alone, cooking food, and taking pictures of her miniature model house collection, and she also continues writing the letter in which she writes that she misses Maude very much and she still can’t forgive herself for what happened 10 years ago.

No One Will Save You Ending Explained
Credit – Hulu

That night when Brynn is sleeping in her bed, she is woken up by the sound of a trash can falling over, and as she heads down the stairs to check out what is happening, she notices that her front door is open and something is moving around in her living room. She hears some strange noise and gets a quick glimpse of an unusual-looking creature walking around in her house.

To escape she starts heading back up the stairs but a creaking sound from the stairs draws the creature’s attention to her. Then she races to her room and shuts the door behind her but when she hears the creature coming closer she hides under her bed after which the creature comes in her room and we see it making some strange noise and going out of the window, after which she shuts the window close and decides to head back down but she stops for a moment when she hears a noise coming from above the house and then she races down.

No One Will Save You Ending Explained
Credit – Hulu

After reaching her living room every electronic appliance there turns on, causing chaos as she hears a sharp sound in her ears. When she goes to call someone the sound comes back and it’s even louder. Through its telekinetic powers the creature starts making chaos and finds Brynn hiding behind the fridge door she pushes it back and runs towards the main gate but the gate comes off and hits her on the head.

Brynn crawls towards her miniature model house collection but she is pulled towards the creature, who looks like an alien, and stabs it in the head with a piece of the miniature house collection killing him in the process. After which she looks distraught and we see the night finally giving into the sunlight and Brynn waking up right where she ended up last night in front of the creature’s dead body.

She covers the alien’s body and tries to call someone but the phone line along with all the electronic appliances are also dead, just like the alien. She tries to start the electricity back up and after she fails to do that she goes to her car which is also not starting. After that, she takes a shower washes off all the blood, and gets ready to go into the town to warn the people but as she heads towards the town on her bicycle she sees the mailman’s truck we saw earlier overturned and She also visits a home of someone who she tried to connect with earlier but the house looks to be abandoned.

No One Will Save You Ending Explained
Credit – Hulu

When she gets in the town she sees some very unwelcome faces after which she keeps her head down and races towards the police office. But as soon as she gets in the police office she is faced with Maude’s parents who are not happy to see her and Maude’s mother even spits on Brynn’s face. After which Brynn decides not to tell the police what happened last night.

As she is reeling from the incident that just occurred, she sees a bus and gets on it to leave town, but when she sees the mailman on the bus. She gets scared and starts to leave but the mailman pulls her towards himself and we see something strange crawling around in his neck. Brynn pushes the mailman back and falls on the floor of the bus. After which the mailman aggressively starts attacking her and while some people on the bus try to stop him, we see another woman with something crawling around in her neck. The bus driver suddenly stops the bus giving Brynn a chance to escape.

No One Will Save You Ending Explained
Credit – Hulu

In the next moment, we see the mailman getting off the bus and staring at Brynn who is running as fast as she can. She goes to the church which is closed after which she stops at Maude’s grave. But when she looks up dark clouds start to cover the sky and when she gets back into the town and heads to the house she visited earlier she sees the townspeople alongside the guy she waved at in the beginning of the film acting weird looking creepily towards Brynn.

Brynn runs away from there and heads back to her house where she notices that the alien’s dead body is releasing some liquid and it also smells really bad. After seeing the dark cloud once again in the sky, Brynn starts preparing to defend herself. She nails down some sheets over the broken windows, lights some candles to avoid darkness, and starts boiling water. But soon we see the nails coming off the window frame by themselves and a light beams into the house as Brynn hides in her living room. The alien’s dead body starts levitating and begins to float towards the light.

No One Will Save You Ending Explained
Credit – Hulu

Soon, we see aliens entering the house as Brynn goes into the basement to hide. But an alien follows her to the basement and starts looking for her, to protect herself Brynn picks up a scissor but using its telekinetic powers the alien rips them away from her. Brynn also has a photo frame carrying her and Maude’s photo in her hand, which the alien tries to take and after some resistance, Brynn lets go of the frame.

She races back up the stairs closing the door behind her and finds another alien which is a bit smaller in size. It attacks her and she bites its hand to escape she quickly heads towards the boiling water and starts to throw it at the alien, but when she hears another alien approaching she tries to get away. But a bright light soon appears and pulls the pans in her hand towards it. The alien starts to walk slowly towards Brynn and when she tries to escape from the window the alien grabs her leg and pulls her back into the house.

After some struggle, Brynn picks up a mop and tries to create some distance between her and the alien. But the alien breaks the mop and Brynn stabs it with the broken mop and slams its head with the cupboard door. She is finally able to escape through the window. But as soon as she gets out of the house she sees an even bigger alien on the roof of another, when she tries to escape she runs into the mailman who grabs her by her hair and drags her towards the jungle where the alien is waiting for them.

We quickly see a spaceship in the sky, beaming light down to pull her towards it. But after some struggle, Brynn manages to escape the light and starts running from there with the big alien following her. She tries to go back in the house but the dead body of the smaller alien falls from the roof where the big alien is standing. He makes a strange noise and starts to head to town to capture who goes through her car to escape trapping the alien inside, after which lights the car on fire and adds another alien to her kill list.

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Credit – 20th Century Fox

Brynn tries to see if the alien is dead, but the light from the spaceship shines again and she runs into her trying to avoid it, locking herself into a room. Another alien follows her into the room and looks towards the photos of Brynn and Maude. When Brynn tries to attack the alien from behind, the alien uses its telekinetic power to throw her through the wall. She tries to crawl away from the alien but another alien is just behind her.

Brynn stands up and tries to look out of the window and notices something strange outside. In the next moment, we see a red light shining on her which leaves Brynn motionless and floating mid-air. The alien comes into the room and after staring into Brynn’s eyes for some time he coughs up a creature that goes inside Brynn’s mouth.

In the next moment, we see Brynn waking up screaming and realizing that all of it was just a bad dream. Everything seems more cheerful and she hears someone outside. When she tries to see who it is, she is surprised and very happy to see Maude alive. After apologizing to her Brynn shoves her hand inside her throat and pulls out the creature.

No One Will Save You Ending Explained
Credit – Hulu

Brynn wakes up from the happy dream and finds herself in the middle of her lawn and as she tries to get away a sharp noise starts coming from the spaceship above her. The light from the spacecraft comes again and pulls up the creature. Brynn runs away from there while a human-like figure starts forming inside the light and we see the creature getting inside in a person that looks precisely like Brynn.

When we get a look at the sky we see that this is happening all around the world. In the next moment, we see Brynn running into the jungle but stops as she comes face to face with someone who looks exactly like her. She gets distracted for a bit and in that moment the fake Brynn stabs her in the stomach and Brynn slashes the fake Brynn’s neck killing her instantly. Brynn holds her other self in her hand and starts to cry.

Next, we see Brynn trying to leave the jungle but she comes face to face with a giant alien and just after that a light pulls her towards the spaceship. When Brynn opens her she is surrounded by darkness with a light on her. She is surrounded by aliens and when one of them puts a finger on her head. It led Brynn back into her house where she was her younger self creating miniature houses with her mother. She heads outside of the side where some police officers are standing frozen and the blue and red lights are shining. In the next moment we see Brynn and Maude in the jungle where Maude pushes Brynn down and in a moment of anger Brynn picks up a rock and slams Maude’s head with it.

No One Will Save You Ending Explained
Credit – Hulu

Now, we truly see Brynn and why she is leading such a lonely life as she is face-to-face with her younger self who is writing a letter just like she does. Brynn holds her younger self’s hand and looks into her eyes, trying to comfort her. We see the aliens taking in all of Brynn’s trauma and discussing something among themselves. A bright light shines again and Brynn starts to fall towards the ground.

We see Brynn lying on the ground and laughing with some relief. The next morning we see Brynn getting ready and riding her bicycle in the town where the people are happy to see her. But everybody’s body has been taken over by aliens. The film ends with a dance party in which Brynn dances with the guy from earlier. Everybody from the town is there and Brynn finally looks happy and we see loads of spaceships hovering in the sky.

No One Will Save You – Is it a Happy Ending?

No One Will Save You Ending Explained
Credit – Hulu

While Brynn seems to be happy in the end, is it happiness if it comes from the destruction of all humanity? It seems like Brynn just replaced her previous mode of coping with another and more elaborate one. The people she wanted acceptance from are not there as their bodies have been taken over by aliens but at the same Brynn has wanted a community to surround herself with from the very beginning and she finally found it with the aliens. So, in a sense, it is a happy ending if you ignore all the dead humans walking around with an alien in their throats.

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