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7 Best Movies Like ‘Road House’ To Watch If You Loved The Jake Gyllenhaal Film

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After a lot of controversy and some outrage, Jake Gyllenhaal‘s Road House is finally here and it seems to be a big hit among the audience. Based on a 1989 film of the same name by Rowdy Herrington, the Prime Video film follows the story of a former UFC fighter Dalton, who is hired by the owner of a Florida Keys roadhouse to protect it from some goons. Directed by Doug Liman, Road House stars Gyllenhaal in the lead role with Conor McGregor, Daniela Melchior, Billy Magnussen, Lukas Gage, Hannah Love Lanier, and Jessica Williams starring in supporting roles. If you loved the action-comedy film here are some similar movies you should check out next

Road House (Prime Video & Max)

Movies Like Road House
Credit – Silver Pictures

If you are excited about Jake Gyllenhaal’s Road House, then one of the reasons might be the film on which the new Prime Video film is based. One of the best examples of so bad that it’s good is the 1989 film Road House directed by Rowdy Herrington. Both of the films have a similar plot but the tone and style of both these films are quite different. So, if you enjoyed the Prime Video film there is a good enough chance that you will also love the original film. Road House stars Patrick Swayze in the lead role with Sam Elliott, Kelly Lynch, Ben Gazzara, Jeff Healy, Julie Michaels, and Kathleen Wilhoite starring in supporting roles.

Lethal Weapon (Rent on Prime Video)

Violent Christmas Movies
Credit – Warner Bros.

Lethal Weapon has to be one of the most iconic buddy cop films ever made. Directed by Richard Donner, the 1987 film follows the story of a LAPD detective Martin Riggs who is still grieving the loss of his wife which makes him a bit erratic and suicidal. When Riggs is reassigned and partnered up with Roger Murtaugh, an older and quiet police officer both of their personalities immediately clash resulting in some hilarious moments and quite a few explosions. Lethal Weapon stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in the lead roles with Traci Wolfe, Jor Pesci, Steve Kahan, Darlene Love, and Mary Ellen Trainor starring in supporting roles.

The Equalizer (Peacock & Rent on Prime Video)

The Equalizer 3 First Look Photos
Credit – Sony Pictures

If you haven’t seen this Denzel Washington action flick yet, then you are missing out on the thrill of a lifetime. Based on a 1985 series of the same name by Michael Sloan and Richard Lindheim, the action-thriller film follows the story of Robert McCall, a former U.S. Marine and DIA/DCS officer who now lives a quiet retired life but when one of his acquaintances is in danger he goes to extreme lengths to protect her. The Equalizer stars Washington in the lead role with Melissa Leo, Marton Csokas, Chloë Grace Moretz, David Meunier, David Harbour, Johnny Skourtis, Alex Veadov, Haley Bennett, and Bill Pullman starring in supporting roles.

Extraction (Netflix)

Movies to Watch After The Gray Man
Credit – Netflix

Extraction is one of the most action-packed and well-known action movies of recent times. Directed by Sam Hargrave, the Netflix film follows the story of Tyler Rake, a black-market mercenary who is hired to rescue the son of an Indian crime lord. During his mission, Tyler faces several adversaries resulting in some of the best action sequences you will ever see. Extraction stars Chris Hemsworth in the lead role with Golshifteh Farahani, David Harbour, Randeep Hooda, Rudraksh Jaiswal, Adam Bessa, and Pankaj Tripathi starring in supporting roles.

Desperado (Netflix & Rent on Prime Video)

Movies Like Road House
Credit – Columbia Pictures

Desperado is certainly a well-known film and I know one thing about this film and it is that people either really love the film or completely hate it, there is no middle ground. Written and directed by Robert Rodriguez, the action-thriller film follows the story of Mariachi as he dives head first into the dark border underworld to kill every Mexican drug lord. Desperado stars Antonio Banderas in the lead role with Salma Hayek, Steve Buscemi, Joaquim de Almeida, Danny Trejo, and Cheech Marin starring in supporting roles.

Sholay (Rent on Prime Video)

Best Movie From Every Cast Member of Brahmāstra
Credit – Sippy Films

Sholay is an Indian classic and yes you will get to see plenty of songs and dance numbers, but the reason for this film being on this list is that it has a similar plot to Road House. Directed by Ramesh Sippy, the 1975 film follows the story of two best friends, who have committed some low-level crimes. The film sees them getting hired by Thakur Baldev Singh, a retired police chief who wants them to hunt down and kill bandit Gabbar Singh and protect his village from their tyranny. Sholay stars Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra in the lead roles with Amjad Khan, Hema Malini, Sanjeev Kumar, and Jaya Bachchan starring in supporting roles.

The Man From Nowhere (Peacock, Netflix, Viki & Prime Video Add-On)

Best Movies Like John Wick
Credit – CJ Entertainment

The Man From Nowhere is a South Korean action-packed thriller and while the tone of this film and Road House are quite different, the basic premise of both of the films are similar on some level. Directed by Lee Jeong-beom, The Man From Nowhere follows the story of a former secret agent Tae-shik, who lives alone and doesn’t talk to anybody besides a little girl whose mother smuggles drugs for a gang. When the gang takes the girl hostage, Tae-shik must fight to save her life. The Man From Nowhere stars Won Bin in the lead role with Kim Sae-ron, Kim Tae-hoon, Kim Sung-oh, Kim Hee-won, Thanayong Wongtrakul, and Lee Jae-won starring in supporting roles.

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