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7 Best Movies Like ‘Immaculate’ To Watch If You Loved the Sydney Sweeney Film

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Sydney Sweeney‘s second film of 2024 is finally here, let’s hope that it doesn’t turn into a disaster like the first one. Produced by Sweeney herself, Immaculate is a psychological horror film and it follows the story of a young nun who joins a convent in the Italian countryside. Her quiet life quickly turns into a nightmare because of the horrific secrets hidden in the convent. Directed by Michael Mohan, Immaculate also stars Simona Tabasco, Benedetta Porcaroli, and Álvaro Morte. So, if you loved Sweeney’s horror film here are some similar movies you should check out next.

The Convent (Prime Video, AMC+, Pluto TV & Tubi)

Movies Like Immaculate

Co-written and directed by Paul Hyett, the 2018 film British horror film titled The Convent gives a similar atmosphere to Sweeney’s Immaculate. The Convent tells us the story of a group of young women seeking refuge from the turmoil of World War II in an isolated convent in the countryside. As they start spending time in the convent learning about its past, they come across sinister forces, whom they must face together to survive. The Convent stars Michael Ironside, Rosie Day, Hannah Arterton, Freddy Carter, Clare Higgins, and Dilan Gwyn.

The Witch (Max & Prime Video Add-On)

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Credit – A24

The Witch is one of the best religious horror films of recent times. Written and directed by the brilliant Robert Eggers, the horror mystery film is set in 1630 New England and it follows the story of Thomasin, who is under suspicion of witchcraft after her baby brother mysteriously disappears and the whole clan including her family blames her for it. The Witch stars Anya Taylor-Joy in the lead role with Ralph Ineson, Harvey Scrimshaw, Kate Dickie, Sarah Stephens, Ellie Grainger, and Julian Richings starring in supporting roles.

Saint Maud (Prime Video & MGM+)

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Credit – StudioCanal

Saint Maud is a film about religion, obsession, and the horrific lengths crazy people will go in the name of them. Directed by Rose Glass, the mystery horror film follows the story of a young Christian nurse Maud who is taking care of a dancer plagued with cancer. Somehow Maud becomes obsessed with the idea of saving her patient’s soul. Saint Maud stars Morfydd Clark in the lead role with Jennifer Ehle, Lily Frazer, Caoilfhionn Dunne, Jonathan Milshaw, Turlough Convery, and Lily Knight starring in supporting roles.

Verónica (Netflix & Prime Video Add-On)

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Verónica is a simple story with brilliant execution and exceptional performances. Co-written and directed by Paco Plaza, the Spanish horror drama film follows the story of a young girl who tries to summon the spirit of her father through a Ouija board with the help of her friends but when she goes unconscious, it’s clear that something has gone horrifically wrong. Verónica stars Sandra Escacena in the lead role with Claudia Placer, Iván Chavero, Consuelo Trujillo, Bruna González, Anna Torrent, and Carla Campra starring in supporting roles.

The Pope’s Exorcist (Netflix & Rent on Prime Video)

Movies Like The Nun 2
Credit – Sony Pictures

Directed by Julius Avery, The Pope’s Exorcist is a horror mystery film inspired by true events. Based on An Exorcist Tells His Story and An Exorcist: More Stories by Father Gabriele Amorth, The Pope’s Exorcist follows the story of Father Gabriele Amorth, Chief Exorcist of the Vatican as he investigates a possession of a young boy and ends up uncovering a centuries-old conspiracy that the Vatican wants to keep hidden at all costs. The Pope’s Exorcist stars Russell Crowe in the lead role with Laurel Marsden, Carrie Munro, Alex Essoe, Daniel Zovatto, and Franco Nero starring in supporting roles.

The Awakening (Prime Video Add-On)

Movies Like Immaculate
Credit – StudioCanal

The Awakening is a British horror film co-written and directed by Nick Murphy. The 2011 film is set in 1921, post-World War I and we follow the story of a published writer and a ghost hunter as they team up to investigate a supposed haunting of a boys boarding school. The Awakening stars Rebecca Hall and Dominic West in the lead roles with Imelda Staunton, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Joseph Mawle, Shaun Dooley, John Shrapnel, and Alfie Field starring in supporting roles.

The Nun (Rent on Prime Video)

The Nun 2 Begins Filming
Credit – Warner Bros.

The Nun is a part of the long-running horror franchise The Conjuring. Directed by Corin Hardy, from a screenplay by Gary Dauberman, The Nun is set in 1952 Romania and it follows the story of a priest with a haunted past and a novice nun as the Vatican sends them to investigate a nun’s suicide. What they discover puts their lives and faith in danger as they are forced to fight for survival against a demonic nun. The Nun stars Taissa Farmiga in the lead role with Bonnie Aarons, Jonas Bloquet, Demián Bichir, Ingrid Bisu, and Charlotte Hope starring in supporting roles.

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