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Hey the NETFLIX fans out there, prepare yourself now for the stunning release of your favorite Japanese movie DEMON SLAYER SEASON 2…All the super excited fans are just waiting for its release date. It has not been announced officially but, YES!! it is soon to be arriving this year in 2021.

With this great news, all the fans must be feeling on Top of the World. A look at the movie has been released with a short video going viral.


With a wide gap of 2 years between two seasons, DEMON SLAYER’s followers must be awaiting this badly. The comic turned movie is fully equipped to take on the journey of adventure, the dark world, and martial arts.

What’s Happened in Demon Slayer Season 1

Demon Slayer 1 gave a ride to the beautiful nature with forest and trees all around and a peaceful environment. The animated movie showcased the STORY OF REVENGE, a story of true love for the family. Family is the most important and the movie revolves around that. How family is left is the disdain with no parents and only kids and that too left with a curse. TANJIRO, our hero of the movie is left with bruised sister NEZUKO, who is slowly going to turn into a demon. He had to find the cure to the curse and Take Revenge. It was their bad fate that the family met with the massive and the most dangerous DEMON KOKUSHIBO. This demon has ruined so many families. TANJIRO has to become a demon slayer and save his sister. The story goes further with TANJIRO learning the skills to become a demon slayer under Sakonji Urokodaki. TANJIRO meets him through Giyu Tomioka another demon slayer. TANJIRO becomes a member of the demon slayer corps. All ready to save his sister NEZUKO and take revenge for the loss of his family.

Demons of the dark world really are spine chilling and massive. They sold their humanity in order to become Demons and rule the world. Demons chose this deadly path for themselves. They are loaded with supernatural powers like super strength, magic, and regeneration. The most difficult part is to destroy them to death. Only one weapon can kill them which is SUN STEEL and it should be filled with the poison of flowers called wisteria.

Our fans do know about the unique powers of the Demon slayer Corps who use breathing techniques or breathing styles to destroy and ruin their enemy. With this post, we are sure that all the MEMORIES of the highest-grossing anime films have been revived by all the demon slayer lovers.

For ages so many stories have been heard of blood-sucking demons and vampires roaming around in the dark for human flesh. This was the plot of Demon Slayer 1. Fans know the climax and are eagerly waiting for the next season.

DEMON SLAYER 2 will surely create history in Japan just as DEMON SLAYER 1. According to the records and sources, the movie has broken the record of the animated movie SPIRITED AWAY by 6 billion yen. With the NETIZENS a big fan of DEMON SLAYER, it can be believed and hoped the same for SEASON 2.

With this release of Demon Slayer 2, there is something more for the lovers. Demon Slayer is about to receive its first gaming console. What exciting and terrific news for the fans. There are so many questions with the fans with the announcement of Season 2!!

Whether TANJIRO becomes a demon slayer? Will NEZUKO become a human again? Will the Demons be destroyed and never return to the world?

We have to wait and wait. Keep reading for more updates. I am sure NETIZENS are eagerly waiting for some more characters to join in. Demon Slayer 2 will be back with a bang with more adventure, dark fantasy, and martial arts.

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