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‘EXmas’ – Ending Explained (Did the Exes Get Back Together?)

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EXmas is a Christmas rom-com film directed by Jonah Feingold, from a screenplay by Dan Steele. The Freevee revolves around Graham (Robbie Amell), his family, and his ex-fiancée Ali during the Christmas holiday. When Graham has to work during Christmas he tells his family that he won’t be able to make it home, but despite his work promises he still goes home and finds his ex, who broke up with him sometime ago celebrating Christmas with his family. When he learns that his family invited her and they still like her he vows to make everyone hate her and ask her to leave by Christmas time.

The rom-com film stars Robbie Amell and Leighton Meester as the leading duo Graham and Ali. The supporting cast includes Michael Hitchcock and Kathryn Greenwood as Graham’s parents Dennis and Jeannie. It also stars Veronika Slowikowska and Steven Huy as Graham’s siblings Mindy and Elliot, and Thomas Cadrot and Donna Benedicto as other love interests Brady and Jess.

EXmas – Plot Summary

EXmas Ending Explained
Credit – Amazon Studios

EXmas begins in Los Angeles with both Ali and Graham remembering their relationship. With Ali thinking about the happy moments and Graham thinking about the breakup. Ali does mention in the beginning that while she had broken up with Graham, she was still close to his family. Graham’s holiday plans are being interrupted by his boss, who wants to move up the release date of the game to Christmas Day of which Graham is the head designer. This makes Graham’s plans to spend Christmas with his family harder and that’s why he calls them and tells them that he won’t be able to make it home this year. After hearing this both Jeannie and Dennis are understandably upset and think that this sudden development is because of his breakup with Ali.

But after watching a depressing ad on TV, he changes his plans and heads to Minnesota his home. In his home we see Graham’s mom and sister Mindy discussing why Mindy’s girlfriend couldn’t make it this year and soon they are surprised by Graham’s unexpected visit. Both of them are shocked to see Graham and try to distract him so that doesn’t see Ali, but their plans fail and he sees her. He is understandably angry and asks for an explanation, to that his family explains that they have been in touch with Ali after their breakup and they knew that she would be alone on Christmas so they invited her.

This angers Graham and he leaves the house, his sister follows him and after talking with his sister Graham thinks that if his family doesn’t ask Ali to leave by Christmas day he will have to share his family with Ali for the rest of his life. He goes back in and acts nice in front of his family and as soon as he is alone with Ali he says that he will make his family hate her and they will ask her to leave by Christmas day. Ali accepts the challenge and tells him that if that doesn’t happen he will have to leave.

EXmas Review
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The game starts between the exes with Graham trying to bring Ali’s competitive side and her fear of goats in front of his family, while Ali tries to make Graham flood the toilet. At Graham’s parents’ car dealership party, we meet Brady, who has been a rival of Graham since his childhood. He expresses his interest in Ali and a girl named Jess flirts with Graham. Both Graham and Ali try to make each other jealous and after both of their dates not working out they sleep with each other. But before that at the bar, we see Mindy kissing another girl, and Graham finds out that her girlfriend had broken up with her and she hadn’t told him because he was always busy with his work but she did tell Ali, who makes time for everybody in her life.

After sleeping with each other and having a nice conversation with his mother, Graham realizes that he wants Ali back but he tells her that he is ready to forgive her instead of asking for forgiveness for not being present in their relationship and not making time to help Ali’s dream of opening a food truck for her baked goods. Soon, Graham and Brady’s rivalry comes up and to settle who is better they decide to play a hockey match. But during the match, Graham’s father has a heart attack, and in shock, he administers CPR saving his father’s life.

In the hospital, we find out that his father’s health is fine but he saved his life today. When Graham and Ali step out of the hospital, Graham gets a call from his boss and he realizes that because of his work, he has ignored all of his responsibilities to his family and his relationship with Ali. So, he quits his job and the next day we see Ali leaving, but Graham realizes that he has to stop her and with all of his family he decides to go to the airport. But after some hijinks as soon as he opens the door he finds Ali there and tells her that he wants her back.

EXmas – Ending Explained

EXmas Ending Explained
Credit – Amazon Studios

After hearing Graham’s confession Ali says that she just came back for her phone charger. But that was a lie and she tells him that she also loves him and wants him back. They both kiss and make up and a dog takes the weird-looking baby Jesus from the nativity scene and runs (throughout the film multiple baby Jesuses have been going missing from the nativity scene). The next Christmas we see Graham’s family visiting him and Ali in Los Angeles. This time Mindy is with his new girlfriend and soon Graham surprises Ali with a cute food truck we soon find out that they are engaged once again and Graham has opened his own business so that he can make time for everybody in his life. In the last moments of the film, we see Graham and Mindy at the door with Graham holding a baby and Mindy finds his ex-girlfriend at the door. This is a mean surprise from Graham to Mindy because of what she did to him at the beginning of the film. In the end, it all worked out with Graham and Ali leading a happy with a baby no less.

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