Donald Glover To Return For ‘Community: The Movie’, Confirmed!

Donald Glover in Community The Movie
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Donald Glover has finally confirmed that he will be returning as Troy Barnes in Community: The Movie. The much-awaited upcoming film takes place after the beloved series’ final episode. Glover confirmed this great news during an interview with GQ. He also said that the film will start production soon.

In the NBC series, Glover played the role of Troy Barnes, a core member of the ensemble cast. When the series premiered in 2009, he became one of the fan favorites as an ex-football high school star and a bit empty-headed. But what the fans loved the most was Glover’s hilarious chemistry with another core member of the team, Danny Pudi, who played the role of another favorite character Abed. Glover starred in the brilliant comedy series until its fifth season, but when he felt that his career was heading in a different direction he left the series and Community came to an with its sixth but with a promise of #AndAMovie. Which is finally coming true.

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This will be a sigh of relief for Community fans as Glover’s name had been noticeably missing from the cast list, until today. Check out his statement below:

The Community movie, there’s some progress on it. We’re supposed to be shooting it soon. Haven’t seen a script. In true Dan (Harmon) fashion, will probably get it on the first day. But yeah, it’s supposed to be happening. I know just as much about it as you do.

Alongside Glover, Joel McHale will be returning as the leader of the group Jeff. The other cast members returning are Gillian Jacobs as Britta, Pudi as Abed, Ken Jeong as Ben Chang, and Alison Brie as Annie Edison. The return of Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley Bennett still remains uncertain.

You can see the full Glover interview with GQ below:

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