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Devilman is a series that inspired many brilliant anime of this generation like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Berserk and yet has not been fully appreciated by the masses.

While the latest adaptation is quite unique and a breath of fresh air with its brilliant visuals, soundtrack, and R-rated grotesque action and violence, the 1972 version was also really experimental for that time.

Devilman is full of action and tearing people apart from limb to limb and psychedelic animations and a fast-paced plot that makes every part equally gripping and mind-blowing. The old version is also really good, while the Devilman Crybaby (2018) adapts the story perfectly, the old version will still make your heart pound.


Devilman Crybaby 2018 Watch Order
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Devilman was originally a manga series that was written and illustrated by Go Nagai. The first Devilman series was adapted by Toei Animations in a 39-episode anime series in 1972. From then on the Devilman has been adapted into several OVAs, movies, and anime series. Devilman tells the story of a teenager, Akira Fudo who lives in a reality where demons exist and want to destroy humanity, and then soon he meets his childhood friend Ryo Asuka who wants his help to get proof of the existence of demons. To get the proof both of them go to an underground demon party, where every satanic and illegal activity happens. After a rave of drugs and manslaughter, the demons show themselves and in turn of events, Akira has to fuse with a demon while still maintaining his human heart. Akira battles several demons with his newfound powers and tries to maintain his heart.

Release Date

So, let’s talk about the order of the release dates of every Devilman TV series, Movie, and OVA.

TV Series

  • Devilman (1972)
  • Devilman Lady (1998)
  • Demon Lord Dante (2002)


  • Mazinger Z vs Devilman (1973)


  • Violence Jack: Slumking (1986)
  • Devilman: The Birth (1987)
  • Violence Jack: Evil Town (1988)
  • Devilman: The Demon Bird (1990)
  • Violence Jack: Hell’s Wind (1990)
  • Devilman Memorial (1999)
  • Amon: Devilman Mokushiroku (2000)
  • Cyborg 009 VS Devilman (2015)
  • Devilman: Crybaby (2018)
  • Devilman: Crybaby – Digest Eizou (2018)

Chronological Order of the Devilman Series

  • Devilman
  • Mazinger Z vs. Devilman
  • Violence Jack: Slumking
  • Violence Jack: Evil Town
  • Violence Jack: Hell’s Wind
  • Devilman: The Birth
  • Devilman: The Demon Bird
  • Amon: Devilman Mokushiroku
  • Devilman Lady
  • Demon Lord Dante
  • Devilman Memorial
  • Cyborg 009 VS Devilman
  • Devilman: Crybaby
  • Devilman: Crybaby – Digest Eizou


We have provided you the release date and chronological order to the Devilman series and we know that there are many alternative versions of the original story and many completely stand-alone movies but we have provided you with a chronological order to this series which has been running in the industry for almost five decades. If you watch the Devilman in chronological order you will be watching the series with a linear timeline.

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