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Condor Season 3 – Renewal Status, Plot & What We Know So Far

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What loneliness is more lonely than distrust? – George Eliot

Condor is a show that in my opinion is solely about the lines that people think they will never cross and how they cross them. Starring Max Irons as Joe Turner this Epix series is really popular among the audience and the critics. Condor has finished its second season and now fans are eager for the next one. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the previous seasons, the confirmation or cancellation of season 3, and what will happen in season 3.

Condor Season 1 & Season 2 – Recap?

Condor Season 3
Credit – Epix

In the first season of Condor, we see Joe uncovering a sinister plot orchestrated by some bad elements within the CIA and because of that all of the people in Joe’s office are killed Joe somehow escapes but the blame gets put on Joe’s head. So, he has to run for his life while trying to save innocent people from the bad people in the CIA.

Joe at the start of the first season is very idealistic and follows his principles but as the story progresses and he has to choose between the lives of millions of innocent people and one bad person, he takes that life and breaks the vow he made to himself to never kill anyone.

Condor Season 3
Credit – Epix

In the second season, we see Joe in Europe trying to live like a normal person but always watching over his shoulder, and then he is brought back into the fold of the CIA by an unexpected tragedy and now he has to find a mole within the CIA.

We see Joe in this season as a much darker person, he still has his principles but he is willing to overlook them if necessary. In the end, we see Joe joining the CIA.

Condor Season 3 – Is It Renewed or Cancelled?

While there is no official confirmation on the renewal or cancellation of Condor Season 3. We do know that Season 3 is currently in development because of the development slate revealed by Epix’s president Michael Wright. The slate contained the renewal status of Condor for its third season and showed that it is currently in development.

Condor Season 3 – What to Expect?

Condor Season 3
Credit – Epix

While there is still no official confirmation on Season 3, and that’s why there is little to no information on the plot of the upcoming season. It is rumored that in Season 3, Joe will have settled in his at the CIA as a case officer living abroad. Joe will become a foot soldier for the Agency’s cold war against China for Africa’s substantial natural resources. But when conflict arises which could end up turning into World War III, Joe has to stop the conflict even at the cost of what’s left of his own soul.

Condor Season 3 – Who is in It?

Obviously, Irons will be returning as the protagonist Joe Turner, and while there is not a long list of people left from the first and second seasons who could make it into Season 3, we do know that Leem Lubany and Kristen Hager could reprise their respective roles of Gabrielle Joubert and Mae Barber in Season 3.

Condor Season 3 – When is it Coming Out?

If the confirmation is still not official, there is no way that a release date could be guessed in any circumstances. So, we do not know when Condor Season 3 will be out but keep reading CinemaBlind, because we will update you as more information comes our way.

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