Amazon Prime’s Chemical Hearts – Review!!

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Credit: Amazon Studios

 Chemical Hearts spends its total runtime in limbo.

First of all, we here at Cinemablind don’t think that we are educated enough to give a critical review to any movie, so instead of a review we are giving the perspective of an audience, and that perspective for this movie is not that good. 

Chemical Hearts is about a teenager Henry Page (Austin Abrams) and he has done nothing interesting till his final year of high school and then he meets a girl named Grace Town (Lili Reinhart) who is depressed because of a traumatic incident from her past and they together try to overcome the crushing time during teenage years and her own personal demons.

Chemical Hearts
Credit – Amazon Prime Video

Chemical Hearts tries to be Paper Town (2015) in half of its runtime and I know critics didn’t like Paper Town (2015) either but I did and Chemical Hearts didn’t pull it off quite well. It feels like anything is happening at any time without any real emotions. The characters are not as relatable even Henry who I think was written solely for the reason so that teenagers can relate to him and Lili Reinhart’s character is just plain simple bad, it’s just a lot of crying without any meaning, and believe me, there is none. Other characters from Chemical Hearts don’t really have anything to do if they weren’t in the movie that would make absolutely no difference to the plot or narrative.

So, in the end, you can watch Chemical Hearts on Prime Video for one time but you don’t have to because you can watch Paper Town (2015) instead.