Shows Like ‘I’m Mature’ To Watch

Publisher: Shrawan Kumar

So, if you liked the series and don’t know what to do after binging Season 2, here are some shows you could watch next.


Teenage is an age where too many emotions are going on inside of you, and no matter how much you try to control those, they always run loose.

Little Things

Some bonds are just too strong to be broken. Some are just not meant to last forever. Find out how Dhruv and Kavya navigate through their relationship when familiarity creeps in.

Permanent Roommates

“This series revolves around a young couple, Tanya and Mikesh, who after being in a long-distance relationship for 3 years, face the prospect of marriage.

Yeh Meri Family

Set in the summer of 1998 it is a story about conflicting emotions towards family members from the eyes of a twelve year old.

Campus Diaries

College life is a special time for everyone. From the first romance to the fresh taste of adulthood, college really is the make-or-break time for one’s personality.

Never Have I Ever

The series stars newcomer, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi, an overachieving high school sophomore who has a short fuse that gets her into difficult situations.


Samvidhan a.k.a Sam and Aadhya, two sidekicks, have always lived in the shadows of their popular best friends and gone completely unnoticed in Lucknow Central Convent school.