Best Movies To Watch If you Love ‘Munich: The Edge Of War’

The Catcher Was a Spy


Moe Berg, a 15-year baseball veteran, joins the war effort as a spy to beat Nazi Germany in the race to build the first atomic bomb. In 1936, Berg is playing for the Boston Red Sox near the end of a long if undistinguished pro career.



The true story of a plot masterminded by German army officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler – with a bomb – and take over the government during World War II. With Bill Nighy, directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men).

Darkest Hour


British Prime Minister Winston Churchill is faced with a tough choice as he must decide whether to sign a peace treaty with Adolf Hitler's Germany or continue fighting the war against them.

Dr. Strangelove


An American Brigadier puts the world on the verge of a nuclear catastrophe, when he deploys a B-52 bomber on the Russians, without informing his superiors.

Operation Finale


Fifteen years after the end of World War II, a team of top-secret Israeli agents travels to Argentina to track down Adolf Eichmann...