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The Flash Season 7 – Iris losing her sanity (Trailer & Release Date)

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The Flash season 7’s trailer was revealed at the virtual DC FanDome Event. 

The Flash has been one of the most successful tv series for DC and The CW, and it is making its return for season 7. Yesterday at the DC FanDome Event the first trailer for season 7 was unveiled and it shows our protagonist Barry (Flash) has temporarily lost his power and Iris is trapped in the mirror realm and she is losing her mind.

The trailer revealed that Barry’s speed is gone and he can’t save Iris from the mirror realm, so he is trying to make an artificial speed force to save Iris, meanwhile, Iris is losing her sanity she is seeing a doppelganger, who describes herself as the product of Iris’s broken mind. 

The entity has warned Iris that, “No one is coming to save you,” and Iris’s only choices were “survival… or madness.” 


As for the other characters like Eva who is newly freed from the mirror realm has “unfinished business and a whole world to liberate,” while Barry and Joe realize that Flash doesn’t have enough speed left to save passengers of a crashing jet. Top (the meta villain) is manipulating Cecile to explore her own full potential as a meta.

The Flash Season 7 – Release Date?

The Flash Season 7 will premiere in sometime 2021. The showrunner Eric Wallace has informed us that 80% of the 20 episodes had already been shot before the production was stopped during the Coronavirus Pandemic. So, we might not have to wait that long. 

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