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7 Best Shows Like ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ To Watch While Hoping For Season 2

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Donald Glover and Maya Erskine are the new Mr. & Mrs. Smith in Prime’s latest original series inspired by the 1996 series and 2005 film of the same name. Created by Francesca Sloane and Donald Glover, the Prime series revolves around two lonely strangers who are paired up in an arranged marriage to work as spies by a mysterious agency, that sends them on deadly missions. If you loved the humor, action, and romance in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, here are some similar shows you could watch while hoping for a renewal.

The Americans (Hulu & Rent on Prime Video)

Shows Like Killing Eve
Credit – FX

What if Mr. & Mrs. Smith was a thrilling drama instead of an action-comedy? If you are also wondering that wonder no more because there is FX’s brilliant drama The Americans. Created by Joe Weisberg, the FX series is set during the Cold War and it follows two KGB agents in an arranged marriage pretending to be Americans while living with their two teenagers in suburban Washington D.C., who have no idea about their parents’ true identities. Their pretend marriage becomes complicated when they truly develop feelings for each other, but their relationship is continually tested as the Cold War escalates. The Americans stars Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell in the lead roles with Holly Taylor, Noah Emmerich, Keidrich Sellati, and Annet Mahendru starring in supporting roles.

Chuck (Prime Video & Max)

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Credit – NBC

If you loved the arranged relationship of spies in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, then you will find Chuck and Sarah’s relationship in the NBC series titled Chuck. Created by Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz, the spy comedy series revolves around the titular character who gets a strange E-mail from his college rival and when he opens it, Chuck unwittingly downloads sensitive government data into his brain. He is quickly paired up with NSA’s Maj. John Casey and CIA’s very beautiful but deadly spy Sarah Walker to thwart terrorists and evil maniacs. Chuck stars Zachary Levi in the titular role, with Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, Sarah Lancaster, Adam Baldwin, and Ryan McPartlin starring in supporting roles.

Burn Notice (Prime Video & Hulu)

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Credit – USA Network

Burn Notice is one of the most underrated action thriller shows out there. Created by Matt Nix, the USA Network series revolves around a highly capable spy named Michael Westen, who gets burned from his agency and left to live the rest of his life in his hometown Miami after seizing all of his bank accounts. With nothing to do and nowhere to go Michael starts helping people who come to him with unique problems only he can solve while also trying to find the reason for him getting the burn notice. In this quest, he is helped by his trigger-happy ex-girlfriend and best friend. Burn Notice stars Jeffrey Donovan in the lead role with Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Cody Bell, and Sharon Gless starring in supporting roles.

Alias (Prime Video & Disney+)

Shows Like Burn Notice
Credit – ABC

Starring the always-stunning Jennifer Garner, this ABC series has some similarities to Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the first one being that the lead characters of both series don’t exactly know who they are working for. Created by J.J. Abrams, Alias revolves around a young woman who finds out that her family has a history of working as undercover agents, and after learning that she accepts the offer to work in a CIA branch. Still, things go wrong when she finds out that her employers are not who they say they are. Alias also stars Michael Vartan, Bradley Cooper, Carl Lumbly, Ron Rifkin, and Victor Garber.

Covert Affairs (Peacock & Rent on Prime Video)

Shows Like Covert Affairs
Credit – USA Network

Covert Affairs is one of those shows that quickly sets up its main mystery and then gives you multiple chances to solve it. The USA Network series revolves around a CIA trainee named Annie Walker, who suddenly gets promoted to field operative, and while at first, it seems that her promotion was because of her linguistic talent. It quickly becomes apparent that something or someone from her past was behind her promotion. As Annie tries to muddle through the murky water of the CIA, she is helped by another agent named Auggie Anderson. Covert Affair stars Piper Perabo in the lead role with Christopher Gorham, Kari Matchett, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Anne Dudek, and Peter Gallagher starring in supporting roles.

The Family Man (Prime Video)

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Credit – Prime Video

What if a high-stakes spy series mixes in a middle-class man, familial complications, and quirky comedy, then you will love The Family Man. Created by Raj & DK, the Prime Video Hindi language series revolves around a middle-class family man Srikant Tiwari, who also works as a spy defeating dangerous terrorists to protect his country, while also dealing with family problems which include a distant wife and two kids. Starring Manoj Bajpayee in the lead role, The Family Man equally focuses on the mission and the relationship between the married couple, which is quite similar to Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Patriot (Prime Video)

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Credit – Prime Video

If you loved the dry comedy in the Mr. & Mrs. Smith series, then you might find the comedic style in Patriot entertaining. Created by Steven Conrad, the Prime Video spy comedy series revolves around John Tavner, a disillusioned intelligence officer who is given the task of preventing Iran from going nuclear, and to complete his mission he must assume a new identity working as a mid-level employee at a Milwaukee industrial piping firm. Patriot stars Michael Dorman in the lead role with Kurtwood Smith, Michael Chernus, Kathleen Munroe, and Aliette Opheime starring in supporting roles.

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