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Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Isn’t Trying To Be a Direct Adaptation of the Anime Series

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Netflix’s upcoming live-action Cowboy Bebop series adapted from the acclaimed anime series of the same name may not be as much of a direct adaptation as fans are thinking because André Nemec, the showrunner of the Netflix series has confirmed that the live-action series is not a direct adaptation of the original anime. The original anime was created by the legendary Shinichiro Watanabe, and it aired back in 1998, and since it has been earned many accolades from critics and audiences alike.

The original anime was considered different from the same genre animes, mostly because of its bombastic big band score. Watanabe has earned a reputation for mixing unique styles of soundtracks that rely on jazz and hip hop over the typical orchestral style. Netflix’s live-action adaptation has the same composer from the anime series, Yoko Kanno and that was one of the reasons that fans assumed that the upcoming series will lazily make the series without adding any creativity. But, those worries were squashed by the showrunner of the live-action series.

Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Isn't Trying To Be a Direct Adaptation
Credit – Netflix

André Nemec, the showrunner of the Netflix series said this in an interview with Polygon:

Nemec said that while no one episode may get a direct adaptation, he and his team have spent time on making a list of their favorites and then considering how they could “build out the continuing stories of Spike Spiegel and Jet Black and Faye Valentine while also mining their past stories from the anime” He says every episode of the live-action series will give a nod to the anime, through props, names, or visual references to the original anime. “I would challenge almost any superfan on this show to see if they can find [all the references] in the frame,” he also added that both Japanese and English voice actors will be “properly homaged.

Nemec’s statements will probably change some fans’ concerns because according to Nemec the Netflix adaptation will be featuring all-new stories. This decision will help writers to naturally flesh out their character without any pressure to become like the original anime. Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop will available to stream on Netflix on November 19, 2021.

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