J.A. Bayona Directing 'Society of the Snow' Survival Movie About Andes Flight Disaster for Netflix

Written By

Shrawan Kumar

J. A. Bayona, also known for his past works such as The Orphanage (2007), The Impossible (2012), A Monster Calls (2016), and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) and now he will be directing another movie inspired by a real-life events titled Society of the Snow.

The Netflix film will be based on the book La Sociedad de la Nieve by Uruguayan author and journalist Pablo Vierci.  The book and the film will tell the factual story of the 1972 tragedy  better known as "Miracle of the Andes" about Uruguayan Air Force Flight  571.

The story was previously portrayed in the 1993 film Alive directed by Frank Marshall.



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