Best Comedy Shows Like ‘Modern Family’ To Watch

Publisher: Shrawan Kumar

So, we prepared a list of the best shows that are similar to Modern Family, which you can watch.

The Middle

The Middle follows the Heck family living in Indiana, a lower-class family who is barely scraping by.

Life in Pieces

The series follows the Short family, as they go through the ups and downs of their lives.

Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle is one of those rare series that was funny throughout its seven-season run and it has made many families shut up and sit down in front of the television.

Kim’s Convenience

Kim’s Convenience is one of the most sweetest family comedy-drama about a Korean Canadian family living in Toronto.

Fresh Off the Boat

Fresh Off the Boat follows the Taiwanese Huang family based on the eponymous memoir of Eddie Huang.

The Goldbergs

While many of these sitcoms are somewhat outlandish but The Goldbergs is funny because of its realistic and relatable humor.

Arrested Development

Arrested Development is one of the most brilliant comedy series ever put in front of an audience and it will forever hold its place in the heart of its fans.


The critically acclaimed comedy series has been a massive hit for ABC, launching two successful spin-offs and it has been funny throughout its long run.

Man With a Plan

The series also stars Kevin Nealon as Don Burns (Adam’s brother), Stacy Keach as Joe Burns (Adam’s father), and Grace Kaufman as Kate Burns (Adam’s daughter).

Schitt’s Creek

The CBC series follows the wealthy Rose family as they lose all of their fortunes because of a corrupt manager.