Ben Stiller Talks About the World of ‘Severance’ Season 2

Publisher: Shrawan Kumar

Severance is one of those shows that came out of nowhere for many people and became one of the best experiences they have ever had and now everybody is waiting for the Season 2 of the Apple TV+ thriller.

The series stars Adam Scott as Mark, Britt Lower as Helly, John Turturro as Irving, Zach Cherry as Dylan, and Patricia Arquette as Peggy.

On the topic of Severance Season 2, the executive producer and director of the series Ben Stiller talked about the world they want to create in Season 2 during an interview with Variety. The actor, director, and producer said:

“I think that the biggest thing is how to maintain all those things in terms of the feeling of the show, while at the same time expanding the world since the end of the last episode.”

He also explained a bit on the ending of the brilliant first season of Severance by saying that now

we’ve brought Mark and Irving and Helly to the surface, and I think those are storylines that people are going to be interested in. So, it’s going to be figuring out that balance.

Stiller also confirmed that they are currently in the process of writing Season 2 and that they will start filming the second season in October this year.

While there is no confirmed release date for Severance Season 2, it will likely come out either at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.