The Boys Season 2 – Wanted!!! (Final Trailer, Release Date, and Cast)

The Boys Season 2
Credit – Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys is an American superhero thriller with a twist. The Boys is based on a graphic novel of the same name, it was created by Eric Kripke for TV series. The Boys follows a group of vigilantes who want to stop the evil superheroes and the corporation behind them named Vought.

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The Boys made many fans through its brilliant first season and it left them wanting more. So, The Boys Season 2 is finally here, we just have to wait a little more.

Teaser Trailer

The Boys Season 2 – Release Date?

The first season of The Boys hit our screens on July 26,  2019, with a total of eight episodes to binge-watch.
The Boys Season 2 will be coming on Prime Video on September 4, 2020, with only three episodes, and the rest of them will be released weekly. I know that’s a bummer!!!

Latest Trailer

The Boys Season 2 – Plot? (Spoilers!!!)

The Boys Season 2
Credit – Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 1 showed us the world of superheroes or I think I can say supervillains through the eyes of Hughie (Jack Quaid), who lives a simple life but then his girlfriend dies in front of her because of a superhero, and then for his quest for revenge he joins Butcher (Karl Urban) and a team of anti-heroes. Butcher thinks that the leader of The Seven (the team of superheroes) Homelander (Antony Starr), and Vought (the corporation is behind The Seven), are behind her wives death, but at the end of season 1 he finds out that his wife is alive and she has a child, who is probably Homelander’s.


Season 2 will show the mystery behind Butcher’s wife and her child and it also shows that our protagonists are the most wanted people on earth and The Seven are joining the military and they are also getting a new team member, Stormfront (Aya Cash). Also, there is a ton of cool action scenes including a boat piercing a whale (I think or it could be a big fish).
The Boys Season 2
Credit – Amazon Prime Video
The official logline reads, “In a more intense, more desperate Season 2 of THE BOYS, Butcher, Hughie and the team reel from their losses in Season 1. On the run from the law, they struggle to fight back against the Superheroes. As Vought, the company that manages the heroes cashes in on the panic over the threat of Supervillains, and a new hero, Stormfront, shakes up the company and challenges an already unstable Homelander“.

The Boys Season 2 – Cast?

The whole ensemble cast of season 1 is returning with some new faces joining like Aya Cash who is playing Stormfront, well that’s the most important one.
The Boys Season 2
Credit – Amazon Prime Video
The Boys is renewed for its third season!!!!!

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