11 Best Shows Like ‘The Inbetweeners’ To Watch If You Miss the Series

Shows Like The Inbetweeners
Credit - Channel 4

The Inbetweeners is one of the best cringe comedy series. The Channel 4 series follows four socially awkward guys going through the rocky waters of adolescence. While the series does have its moments in some kind of seriousness it is overall a brilliant comedy series. The Inbetweeners stars Simon Bird, James Buckley, Joe Thomas, and Blake Harrison. The only flaw you can find in The Inbetweeners is that it’s only 18 episodes long and while we do have two The Inbetweeners movies, the second one doesn’t exactly capture the magic of the series. So, if you also miss the series here are some brilliant shows you can watch if you miss The Inbetweeners.

Fresh Meat

Shows Like The Inbetweeners
Credit – Channel 4

Synopsis: Award-winning university comedy-drama from the writers of Peep Show, about the hilarious and painful truths of being a student. Public schoolboy JP (Jack Whitehall), insecure Kingsley (Joe Thomas), wide-eyed Josie (Kimberley Nixon), socially awkward know-it-all Howard (Greg McHugh), hard-living Vod (Zawe Ashton) and desperate-to-be-cool Oregon (Charlotte Ritchie) embark on the most exciting period of their lives so far.


Shows Like The Inbetweeners
Credit – Channel 4

Synopsis: 1914. The Great War rages. Men in their millions have shipped off to join the fight. But in the village of Rittle-on-Sea, three chaps have stayed behind: George (Joe Thomas), a conscientious objector; Cecil (Simon Bird), a reject from the army on health grounds; and then there’s Bert (Jonny Sweet), an amoral philandering scaredy-cat. They couldn’t be more different, but in the eyes of their neighbours they’re all the same: Chickens. So in a world of women, children and the infirm, these fellows have only each other for company and nothing else in common. Every day they live in fear of being labeled as cowards, an argument they’ve already lost in the mere act of still being in England. With every other man abroad, fighting for King and country, can George, Cecil and Bert claw themselves back into the good books of the ladies on the home front?

Chickens is a sitcom about three men on the wrong side of history. It’s about trying to be happy even when it’s embarrassing to be seen to be happy; about starting with the assumption that you’re going to hell and building from there.

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Derry Girls

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Synopsis: Set in Derry Northern Ireland in the 1990s, Derry Girls is a candid, one-of-a-kind comedy about what it’s like to be a teenage girl living amongst conflict. It’s a warm, laugh out loud funny and honest look at the lives of an ordinary family living through the Troubles in the early nineties. Armed police in armoured Land Rovers, British Army check points and ‘peace’ walls are all an everyday reality for Erin. But, despite all that, she has other things to worry about, like the fact the boy she’s in love with (actually in LOVE with), doesn’t know she exists. Or that her Ma and Aunt Sarah make her include her weirdo cousin in EVERYTHING she does. Or that head teacher, Sister Michael, refuses to acknowledge Erin as a literary genius. Not to mention the fact that her second best friend has ALMOST had sex, whereas Erin’s never even kissed anyone yet. Like all teenage girls, Erin has her own Troubles. Derry Girls is based on writer Lisa McGee’s (Indian Summers, Being Human) own experiences of growing up in Northern Ireland amidst immense civil conflict.

Some Girls

Shows Like The Inbetweeners
Credit – BBC Three

Synopsis: The series follows the lives and loves of four best friends – Viva, Holli, Amber and Saz as they journey through their last few years at Greenshoots Academy. All the excitement of their first music festival, romantic entanglements, the school prom and even the prospect that their school may be chosen to feature in a television documentary. What’s more they need to find time to revise for exams, play a bit of football and hang out at Viva’s house eating pizza.


Shows Like The Inbetweeners
Credit – Channel 4

Synopsis: Three twenty-something girls face a quarter-life crisis in their hometown of Leeds. It’s about that post-university struggle to find a job, a place and a boyfriend you actually like.

Friday Night Dinner

Shows Like The Inbetweeners
Credit – Channel 4

Synopsis: For the Goodman family, Friday night dinner is just like Sunday lunch: just take two days away, add on an extra course and you’ve pretty much got it. Adam and his brother, Jonny, view Friday night dinner as a necessary annoyance. Necessary because they get fed, and annoying because, well, they have to spend the evening with Mum and Dad.

Peep Show

Shows Like The Inbetweeners
Credit – Channel4

Synopsis: Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong’s (Fresh Meat, Four Lions) multi award-winning and critically acclaimed comedy that follows Mark (David Mitchell) and Jeremy (Robert Webb), two flatmates living in South London, on their increasingly complicated journeys through life.


Shows Like The Inbetweeners
Credit – BBC Three

Synopsis: Meet Dan (Tom Stourton – Horrible Histories) and Hannah (Charlotte Ritchie – Fresh Meat, Call the Midwife) the world s worst brother and sister. Obnoxious, lazy, self-centred, underachieving, incompetent and occasionally depraved, they cause chaos and disaster wherever they go. Through their own selfishness and idiocy, we see them spectacularly wreck the lives of those around them old friends, love interests, family members and the unlikely individuals who just happen to cross their paths. From the producers of The Inbetweeners, created by Keith Akushie (Fresh Meat) and directed by Dam Zeff (Pramface, Inside No.9).


Shows Like The Inbetweeners
Credit – Channel 4

Synopsis: Based in a secondary school in Bristol, this popular drama follows a group of young teachers whose unruly lives and loves are not dissimilar from their adolescent charges. Set as much in the pub as in the classroom, they are continually discovering that life can be much more difficult when school is out.

Moone Boy

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Credit – Hulu

Synopsis: A warm family comedy about a young boy growing up in a chaotic and creative household in late 1980s Ireland. This semi-autobiographical series is written by and stars Chris O’Dowd as the imaginary friend of 11 year old Martin, the youngest child in the large, loud Moone family.

The Young Offenders

Shows Like Letterkenny
Credit – BBC

Synopsis: The Young Offenders is a coming-of-age comedy series following the adventures of loveable rogues Conor and Jock alongside their mother/guardian Mairead as she tries to keep them on the straight and narrow through friendship, loyalty, laughter and lots of mischief. The Series will expand on characters already seen in the smash film of the same name, as we watch the lads encounter love, loss, peer pressure and morality, jam-packed with laughter, but also with a lot of heart.

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