10 Anime Like ‘Steins;Gate’ to Watch If You Miss the Series

Shows Like Steins Gate

Steins;Gate is one of the best and most beloved anime series among fans. While featuring brilliant sci-fi storylines and heart-pounding thrills the series is also heavy on the heart and it digs into the relationships of the characters in the series. Steins;Gate is one of those franchises that consistently delivers the best sci-fi content for its fans. Stein;Gate premiered in 2011 which was eleven years ago and still, the fans have been rewatching the series while many related stories have been told through many mediums the original series is still very much missed. So, if you also miss Stein;Gate here are some anime like series that you could watch to pass the time.

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Erased (Netflix)

Shows Like Alice in Borderland
Credit – Netflix

Synopsis: Satoru Fujinuma is a young manga artist struggling to make a name for himself following his debut. But, that was not the only thing in his life that Satoru was feeling frustrated about…he was also living with a strange condition only he was able to experience. – REVIVAL A strange phenomenon where one is transferred back to the moment right before something life-threatening occurs. This continues to happen until the cause of the threat is erased. It is as if somebody is forcing Satoru to stop it from happening.

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Terror in Resonance (Crunchyroll)

Shows Like Steins Gate

Synopsis: Tokyo has been decimated by a terrorist attack, and the only clue to the culprit’s identity is a bizarre internet video. While paranoia spreads, two mysterious children form “Sphinx,” a clandestine entity determined to pull the trigger on this world.

Ingress (Netflix)

Shows Like Steins Gate

Synopsis: Since he was little, Makoto had a strange power which enabled him to read the memories of objects he touched. Hiding his uncontrollable power, he works as a special agent in the police force. One day, while investigating an explosion at a laboratory that researches a unknown substance called “XM”, he sees a mysterious memory . The memory was from Sarah’s ring, who was the sole survivor of the accident. It was a sight of a person being swallowed into a red light and disappearing. Makoto becomes embroiled in a massive conspiracy. The battle for “XM”, a material that could affect human mind, starts now..

The Future Diary (Hulu)

Shows Like Steins Gate

Synopsis: Reality quickly unravels for antisocial Yukiteru when Deus Ex Machina calls him into a death match to determine the new god of space and time. Each mentally scarred player possesses a prophetic device tuned to his or her personality disorder, giving them control over their future… and the fate of their opponents. It’s their strongest weapon – and their greatest weakness. Within hours of abusing his digital diary’s predictions, Yukiteru is cornered by a crazed classmate. Yuno – who is obsessively stalking him with her own psychic cell phone – is cute, sharp, and great with an ax. Still, her psychosis hides a vile secret. As a serial killer, a cult priestess, and a volatile escape artist take a stab at eliminating the teens, Yuki can cheat death under Yuno’s maniacal protection or – DEAD END.

Re:Zero (Crunchyroll)

Shows Like Steins Gate

Synopsis: Natsuki Subaru, an ordinary high school student, is on his way home from the convenience store when he finds himself transported to another world. As he’s lost and confused in a new world where he doesn’t even know left from right, the only person to reach out to him was a beautiful girl with silver hair. Determined to repay her somehow for saving him from his own despair, Subaru agrees to help the girl find something she’s looking for.

Psycho-Pass (Crunchyroll, Hulu, Prime Video & Tubi)

Shows Like Steins Gate

Synopsis: In the future, detectives work in teams made up of Enforcers and Inspectors. Enforcers take out the bad guys, and Inspectors ensure their partners don’t cross the line. Their weapon is the Dominator, a gun that predicts when citizens will turn criminal.

Time of Eve

Shows Like Steins Gate

Synopsis: Time of EVE is by Yasuhiro YOSHIURA, director of “Pale Cocoon” & “Aquatic Language”. The series, produced by Studio Rikka & DIRECTIONS, Inc. released in 2008-2009. A 2013 Kickstarter to fund the global release of “Time of EVE: The Movie” received worldwide support. The Blu-ray features an English dub by Michael Sinterniklaas/NYAV Post & the OST. It also led to the English publication of “Time of EVE: Official Fan Book” & the light novel “Time of EVE: Another Act.”

Moonlight Mile

Shows Like Steins Gate

Synopsis: Daredevils Goro Saruwatari and Jack “Lostman” Woodbridge climbed every daunting peak on planet Earth, but they couldn’t quench their desire to go even higher. Now, the adventurers vow to conquer space no matter what the cost. And when a precious source of energy is discovered on Mars, Goro and Lostman suddenly find their dreams within reach. They blast off for the far reaches of the galaxy seeking fame and fast women, but discover that hitching a ride on a rocket can get you burned. Undaunted, the astronauts throw caution to the wind and learn that the distance between a hero and his destiny is only a moonlight mile.


Shows Like Steins Gate

Synopsis: In the year 2075, mankind has reached a point where journeying between Earth, the moon and the space stations is part of daily life. However, the progression of technology in space has also resulted in the problem of the space debris, which can cause excessive and even catastrophic damage to spacecrafts and equipment. This is the story of Technora’s Debris Collecting section, its EVA worker, Hachirota “Hachimaki” Hoshino, and the newcomer to the group, Ai Tanabe.

Ergo Proxy (Crunchyroll, Hulu & Tubi)

Shows Like Steins Gate

Synopsis: The domed city of Romdo is supposed to be perfect, but Re-l Mayer, a young female inspector from the Civilian Intelligence Office, knows better. In this place where humans and robots coexist, she receives a strange message – something is awakening.