10 Best Shows Like ‘Spaced’ To Watch If You Miss the UK Series

Shows Like Peep Show
Credit - Channel 4

Spaced is a brilliant show that brought the minds, behind the Cornetto trilogy altogether. Jessica Hynes, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright join hands to create this iconic British series. Revolving around Tim and Daisy who pretend to be in a relationship to get a cheap flat on rent. While the series only ran for two seasons, its brilliant filmmaking and ageless comedy make it a great rewatch every time. But if you want to watch some other shows like Spaced, here are some shows you should watch next.

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Peep Show

Shows Like The Inbetweeners
Credit – Channel4

Synopsis: Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong’s (Fresh Meat, Four Lions) multi award-winning and critically acclaimed comedy that follows Mark (David Mitchell) and Jeremy (Robert Webb), two flatmates living in South London, on their increasingly complicated journeys through life.

Black Books

Shows Like Peep Show
Credit – Channel 4

Synopsis: Bernard runs a book shop. Badly. Drunkenly. Grumpily. Manny tries to help run it better, but sort of ends up as Bernard’s, ahem, Manny servant. And then there’s Fran, who pops in… any time… she chooses… day or night… pop, popping in. This got BAFTAs. It’s got Dylan Moran. Bill Bailey. Tamsin Grieg. It’s even got Star Trek’s Simon Pegg. It’s dark. It’s edgy. And they never sell a book.

The IT Crowd

Shows Like The Office
Credit – Channel 4

Synopsis: Roy and Moss toil in the squalid basement of a huge company, fielding IT help desk calls. Roy has a lousy attitude coupled with an eye for the ladies, while Moss is dressed by his mother and has an aerosol can of water clipped to his belt with which to spray his ear when it gets hot. Into their life of ‘users’, pizza, science fiction and firewalls comes middle manager Jen, a spunky can-do career gal who doesn’t know one end of a laptop from the other. Can she introduce real life to men who email the fire brigade in an emergency, who invent a psycho for an internet dating site and display sympathetic PMS symptoms once a month? ‘The IT Crowd’. It’s more than a way of life, it’s a sitcom.


Shows Like Lovesick
Credit – BBC Two

Synopsis: Jack Davenport and Sarah Alexander star in Steven Moffat’s sharp-witted sitcom about a group of friends and their dilemmas in the dating scene.

The Young Ones

Shows Like Spaced
Credit – BBC Two

Synopsis: Loud, anarchic, surreal, juvenile and – most of all – outrageously funny comedy featuring the lunatic exploits of four students of Scumbag College; Vyv, the punk; socially aware and politically conscious Rik; Neil, the hippy; and Mike, the well-dressed smoothie. They share a dilapidated house in North London owned by their dodgy landlord Jerzy Balowski. They are the least compatible housemates it is possible to imagine and, when they are not tearing pieces out of each other, they manage to get involved in the most bizarre of comic escapades.

Him & Her

Shows Like Spaced
Credit – BBC Three

Synopsis: Life and love in all its messy, lazy brilliance as Steve (Russell Tovey) and Becky (Sarah Solemani) get busy doing nothing in Stefan Golaszewski’s anti-romantic comedy.

Happy Endings

Shows Like How I Met Your Mother
Credit – ABC Studios

Synopsis: Forget who gets to keep the ring, when a couple splits, the real question is, who gets to keep the friends? In this modern comedy, a couple’s break up will complicate all of their friends’ lives and make everyone question their choices. When life throws you for a curve, hold on tight to the people you love.


Shows Like Schitt's Creek
Credit – Showtime

Synopsis: Matt LeBlanc stars as Matt LeBlanc in Episodes, the hilarious comedy series about remaking a comedy series. When husband and wife writing team Sean and Beverly set out to reproduce their British TV hit for an American network, all of their worst fears come true as Hollywood lives up to its reputation for absurdity. Not only does the network cast Matt LeBlanc in the starring role, but Matt takes the lead in deviously twisting their beloved series into a terrible cliché, while testing the couple’s marriage with diversions and temptations.

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Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video
Credit – NBC

Synopsis: When the legitimacy of his college degree is challenged, lawyer Jeff Winger must return to school where he finds himself leading a misfit coalition of fellow community college students.


Shows Like The Marvelous Mrs Maisel
Credit – HBO

Synopsis: Created by and starring Issa Rae, this comedy series looks at the friendship of two modern-day black women, as well as all of their uncomfortable experiences and racy tribulations. As they navigate the tricky professional and personal terrain of Los Angeles, best friends Issa (Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) face the challenges of being black women who defy all stereotypes.