8 Best Shows Like ‘Flames’ To Watch If You Already Binged Season 3

Shows Like Flames
Credit - Prime Video

Flames is one of the most brilliantly written teen romantic comedy series out there. Flames revolve around a group of friends as they try to find out the most important answers a teenager wants like love, ambition, and who they truly are. But it does all of that with a touch of sensitivity and humor. So, if you liked the brilliant web series and already binge-watched the third season on Prime Video, here are some more shows you could watch next.

I’m Mature

Realistic High School Shows
Credit – MX Player

Synopsis: I’m Mature is an Indian drama comedy web series by The Viral Fever. The coming-of-age story depicts the life of a young boy Dhruv, who wants to grow up as soon as he can. Dhruv, with the help of his friends Kabir and Susu, tries to woo his first crush Chhavi, who is a class topper. Watch ImMature online to see this youth comedy-drama. The series showcases the group of friends growing together as they have their first drink, have their first love, get their hearts broken, and much more. The show is all about the growing up phase and the difficulties faced during the same. Watch ImMature all episodes to join the gang in their journey to youth.

Campus Diaries

Shows Like Flames
Credit – MX Player

Synopsis: College life is a special time for everyone. From the first romance to the fresh taste of adulthood, college really is the make-or-break time for one’s personality. MX Player’s latest original series, Campus Diaries is a one-of-a-kind college drama that will transport you back to the fun times of college while mirroring the challenges that come with it. Campus Diaries story narrates the life of six students from Excel University. Just like any other college student, they too experience the starter pack of college life filled with new friends, budding romances, first bunks, independent lifestyle, and canteen wars. However, these students also deal with something more. The Campus Diaries series also focuses on how five friends deal with issues of drug use, discrimination, toxic relationships, and one-sided love. The series will make you reminisce about your college days while also reminding you about the challenges faced upon being away from home for the first time.

Permanent Roommates

Shows Like Lovesick
Credit – TVF

This TVF original is loved all over India for its romantic and stupid charm between its two lead characters played by Sumeet Vyas (TVF Tripling, Parched) and Nidhi Singh (Apharan). The official synopsis for Permanent Roommates is, “This series revolves around a young couple, Tanya and Mikesh, who after being in a long-distance relationship for 3 years, face the prospect of marriage.

Yeh Meri Family

Best Web Series on Amazon Mini-TV
Credit – TVF

Synopsis: Set in the summer of 1998 it is a story about conflicting emotions towards family members from the eyes of a twelve year old.

Kota Factory

Shows Like Flames
Credit – Netflix

Synopsis: Kota Factory, the first black and white web series of India, revolves around Kota – its students, its people and its coaching industry. The show depicts this universe through the eyes of Vaibhav, a vulnerable teenager, and Jeetu Bhaiya, a modern-day Dronacharya. The show captures the melancholic life of Indian students who prepare for competitive exams.

Little Things

Indian Shows on Netflix
Credit – Netflix

Synopsis: Some bonds are just too strong to be broken. Some are just not meant to last forever. Find out how Dhruv and Kavya navigate through their relationship when familiarity creeps in.

Ishq Express

Best Web Series on Amazon Mini-TV
Credit – Amazon Mini-TV

Synopsis: Kismat aur ek shared RAC ticket ke zariye do college students, Tanya aur Aarav, ek doosre se apne ghar jaane wali train journey mein milte hai. Iss New Series may yeh dono ek doosre ki different personalities, backgrounds aur future plans hone ke bawajood bhi ek doosre se romantically attract hote hai. Lekin inki kahani twists aur turns se bhari hai aur kya iss journey ke anth mein yeh dono ek doosre se apne dil ki baat keh payenge, ya nahi?

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