5 Best Shows to Watch If You Miss Your High School Years

Realistic High School Shows
Credit - NBC

Most people remember their high school days as some of the most embarrassing years of their life. Where they were a big anxiety-filled balloon that could burst any second going through life without any idea what to do next. But as soon they get into adult life they can’t help but remember those days. When all they had to do was study a little and hang out with friends without worrying about what’s gonna happen tomorrow or how their next paycheck could be the difference between having some kind of social life or not. So, we made a list for you consisting of the shows that we think portray the most realistic version of high school and teen life.

Kota Factory

Indian Shows on Netflix
Credit – Netflix

Synopsis: Kota Factory, the first black and white web series of India, revolves around Kota – its students, its people and its coaching industry. The show depicts this universe through the eyes of Vaibhav, a vulnerable teenager, and Jeetu Bhaiya, a modern-day Dronacharya. The show captures the melancholic life of Indian students who prepare for competitive exams.

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Freaks and Geeks

Shows Like Freaks and Geeks
Credit – NBC

Synopsis: The universal experience of teenagehood as lived by the regular old freaks and geeks in a Michigan high school, circa 1980, is the subject of this wistful comedy-drama executive-produced by Emmy-winner Judd Apatow and series creator Paul Feig.

I’m Mature

Realistic High School Shows
Credit – MX Player

Synopsis: With a little help from his school friends, the wannabe bad-boy Kabir, and the color-blind but doesn’t know it Susu, Dhruv sets out to woo the first crush of his life, the feisty, out-of-his-league class topper, Chhavi. Venturing out of their childhood, in their last years of school, the trio find their first drink, pick their first fight and mend their first broken heart.

My So-Called Life

Shows Like 13 Reasons Why
Credit – ABC

Synopsis: MSCL follows Angela Chase, a neurotic, touching and funny 15-year-old as she chronicles the ever-present trials and tribulations of adolescence. No matter the fixation, Angela finds extraordinary drama within ordinary situations as she navigates discovering who she is and where she belongs.

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The Inbetweeners (It’s not the most realistic but still fun)

Shows Like The Inbetweeners
Credit – Channel 4

Synopsis: Will McKenzie is on a bad run. His parents have just divorced and, to make matters worse, his mum has moved him from a posh private school and into the sixth form at the local comprehensive. Despite the twin handicaps of being the new kid and carrying ‘an actual briefcase’, Will quickly makes new friends – Simon , Neil and Jay Unfortunately, they are far from the coolest kids at school.