Best New Shows on Apple TV+ in May 2022

New Shows on Apple TV Plus
Credit - Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is nothing if not a goldmine of content, with basically something to watch for everyone, and today we are making a list of the best new shows on Apple TV+ in May 2022 you can watch right now. The shows in this list are arranged according to their premiere or release date.

Tehran Season 2

Streaming on: May 6

New Shows on Apple TV Plus
Credit – Apple TV+

Synopsis: ‘Tehran’ Season 2 follows Tamar (Sultan), a Mossad hacker-agent who infiltrates Tehran under a false identity to help destroy Iran’s nuclear reactor. But, when her mission fails, Tamar must plan an operation that will place everyone dear to her in jeopardy.

The Essex Serpent

Streaming on: May 13

New Shows on Apple TV Plus
Credit – Apple TV+

Synopsis: A widow, a village vicar, and a mythical beast…are the rumors true? Set in Victorian England featuring a star studded cast led by Claire Danes, Tom Hiddleston, Frank Dillane, Clémence Poésy and Hayley Squires, ‘The Essex Serpent’ follows London widow Cora Seaborne (Danes) who moves to Essex to investigate reports of a mythical serpent. She forms an unlikely bond with the village vicar (Hiddleston), but when tragedy strikes, locals accuse her of attracting the creature.

Now & Then

Streaming on: May 22

New Shows on Apple TV Plus
Credit – Apple TV+

Synopsis: Blackmailed before a college reunion, five friends are confronted by their dark past. After 20 years, will their secret finally come out? ‘Now and Then’ is a multi-layered thriller that explores the differences between youthful aspirations and the reality of adulthood, when the lives of a group of college best friends are forever changed after a celebratory weekend ends up with one of them dead. Now the remaining five are reluctantly reunited by a threat that puts their seemingly perfect worlds at risk.

Prehistoric Planet

Streaming on: May 23

New Shows on Apple TV Plus
Credit – Apple TV+

Synopsis: Rolling out with one new episode per day, “Prehistoric Planet” combines award-winning wildlife filmmaking, the latest paleontology learnings and state-of-the-art technology to unveil the spectacular habitats and inhabitants of ancient earth for a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. This series is produced by the world-renowned team at BBC Studios Natural History Unit with support from the photo realistic visual effects of MPC (“The Lion King,” “The Jungle Book”), “Prehistoric Planet” presents little-known and surprising facts of dinosaur life set against the backdrop of the environments of Cretaceous times, including coasts, deserts, freshwater, ice worlds and forests. From revealing eye-opening parenting techniques of Tyrannosaurus rex to exploring the mysterious depths of the oceans and the deadly dangers in the sky, “Prehistoric Planet” brings Earth’s history to life like never before.

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