12 Best Movies Like ‘World War Z’ To Watch While Waiting For ‘Part II’

World War Z
Credit - Paramount Pictures

World War Z is definitely one of the most exciting action-adventure films of our time. Starring Brad Pitt in the lead role of Gerry Lane, the action-adventure film is based on a 2006 novel of the same name by Max Brooks. World War Z came out in theaters in 2013, and soon it was announced that there will be a sequel to continue the story of this zombie apocalypse. But it has been over a decade but there are no signs of a sequel being released. So, while you wait for World War Z Part II here are some similar movies you could watch until then.

Army of the Dead (Netflix)

Best 10 Movies Like Army of The Dead
Credit – Netflix

Synopsis: Following a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries take the ultimate gamble, venturing into the quarantine zone to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted.

Train to Busan (Prime Video)

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Synopsis: When a mysterious virus breaks out across the country, the infected turn into the murderous undead. A few terrified travelers find themselves trapped on a bullet train from hell, fighting for their lives as hordes of the living dead crash towards them, crawling closer with every stop. Suspicion is rife and tensions run high as some will do anything to survive and make it to the safe zone.

28 Days Later (Rent on Prime Video)

28 Days Later

Synopsis: A deadly virus transforms humans into bloodthirsty, rage-filled zombies in this acclaimed shocker. Jim awakens from a coma to discover a London eerily devoid of human life…but filled with frenzied ghouls. He joins a small group of fellow survivors as they seek out the source of a radio broadcast that promises help. But what they find there is even more frightening.

Zombieland (Rent on Prime Video & Netflix)

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Credit – Sony Pictures

Synopsis: Nerdy college student Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) has survived the plague that has turned mankind into flesh-devouring zombies because he’s scared of just about everything. Gun-toting, Twinkie-loving Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) has no fears. Together, they are about to stare down their most horrifying challenge yet: each other’s company. Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin co-star in this double-hitting, head-smashing comedy.

Resident Evil (Rent on Prime Video & Netflix)

Resident Evil
Credit: Netflix

Synopsis: A deadly viral outbreak occurs in the Hive, a vast underground research facility, killing numerous employees. When a commando team tries isolate the virus, they soon discover that the workers are not really dead; they are now the ravenous Undead.

Contagion (Rent on Prime Video)

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Synopsis: Oscar®-winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s Eleven films, Traffic) returns to large-scale cinema with this global action thriller that revolves around the threat of a deadly outbreak of a fatal disease and the people determined to keep it at bay. As the fast-moving epidemic grows, the worldwide medical community races to find a cure and control the panic that spreads faster than the virus itself. At the same time, ordinary people struggle to survive in a society coming apart. A stellar international ensemble cast including Academy Award® winners Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard and nominees Jude Law and Laurence Fishburne portray the dedicated doctors at the CDC and World Health Organization who rush to contain the outbreak of a new virus.

Dawn of the Dead (Rent on Prime Video & Netflix)

Dawn of the Dead
Credit – Universal Pictures

Synopsis: A gripping, gory remake of the cult horror classic: the undead walk the earth as flesh-eating zombies, trapping a disparate group of desperate people in a suburban shopping mall.

The Crazies (Rent on Prime Video & Max)

The Crazies
Credit – Paramount Vantage

Synopsis: Residents of a picture-perfect Midwestern town begin to succumb to an uncontrollable urge for violence when a mysterious toxin in the water supply turns everyone exposed to it into mindless killers.

The Battery (Prime Video)

The Battery
Credit: FilmBuff

Synopsis: The personalities of two former baseball players clash as they traverse the rural back roads of a post-plague New England teeming with the undead.

Pontypool (AMC+ Amazon Channel)

Pontypool 2008
Credit: Maple Pictures

Synopsis: Official selection of Toronto and SXSW. Small-town radio station, unique disaster. “Grade A…one-of-a-kind zombie film. A witty, gory little tour-de-force.” – Schwarzbaum, EW “Top 5 of 2009.” – DreadCentral

I Am Legend (Rent on Prime Video)

I Am Legend
Credit – Warner Bros.

Synopsis: Will Smith stars in a sci-fi thriller from the director of Constantine–I Am Legend. After a biological war, Robert Neville is the last healthy human living on Earth, but he is not alone. The other humans have become vampire-like mutants, and all are hungry for Neville’s blood. By day, he is the hunter, stalking the sleeping undead through the abandoned ruins of civilization. By night, he barricades himself in his home and prays for the dawn…

Love And Monsters (Rent on Prime Video)

Love And Monsters
Credit – Netflix

Synopsis: Seven years after the Monsterpocalypse, Joel Dawson (Dylan O’Brien), along with the rest of humanity, has been living underground ever since giant creatures took control of the land. After reconnecting over radio with his high school girlfriend Aimee (Jessica Henwick), who is now 80 miles away at a coastal colony, Joel begins to fall for her again. As Joel realizes that there’s nothing left for him underground, he decides against all logic to venture out to Aimee, despite all the dangerous monsters that stand in his way. The fun-filled and action-packed adventure also stars Michael Rooker and Ariana Greenblatt.