7 Best Movies Like ‘Retribution’ To Watch If You Liked the Movie

Movies Like Retribution
Credit - Lionsgate

Retribution is a thriller drama film directed by Nimród Antal from a screenplay by Chris Salmanpour. Based on a Spanish film named El desconocido (also known as Retribution) by Alberto Marini, the film follows the story of Matt Turner, a financier, who is suddenly threatened by a mysterious bomber while driving his kids to school. Retribution stars Liam Neeson in the lead role with Noma Dumezweni, Lilly Aspell, Jack Champion, and Matthew Modine. So, if you loved Retribution here are some similar movies you could watch next.

Retribution (Rent on Prime Video)

Movies Like Retribution
Credit – Warner Bros. Spain

Synopsis: A bank executive receives an anonymous phone call informing him he has just a few hours to obtain a large amount of money or a bomb under his seat will explode.

Phone Booth (Hulu & Rent on Prime Video)

Movies Like Retribution
Credit – 20th Century Fox

Synopsis: Stuart Shepard (Colin Farrell) is a somewhat sleazy publicist who uses an outdoor phone booth to call his girlfriend because his wife keeps tabs on his cell phone bills. But when Stu answers the phone in the phone booth, the terror begins. Now it’s a real-time race against the clock as Stu must outwit a psychotic sniper in a frantic scramble from phone booth to freedom.

The Commuter (Prime Video & MGM+)

Movies Like Retribution
Credit – Lionsgate

Synopsis: In this action-packed thriller, Liam Neeson plays an insurance salesman, Michael, on his daily commute home, which quickly becomes anything but routine. After being contacted by a mysterious stranger, Michael is forced to uncover the identity of a hidden passenger on his train before the last stop. As he works against the clock to solve the puzzle, he realizes a deadly plan is unfolding and is unwittingly caught up in a criminal conspiracy. One that carries life and death stakes, for himself and his fellow passengers.

Sympathy for the Devil (Rent on Prime Video)

Movies Like Retribution
Credit – RLJE Films

Synopsis: After being forced to drive a mysterious passenger (Nicolas Cage) at gunpoint, a man (Joel Kinnaman) finds himself in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse where it becomes clear that not everything is as it seems.

Don’t. Get. Out! (Not Streaming in the US)

Movies Like Retribution

Synopsis: Don’t. Get. Out! is a 2018 German action thriller film written, co-produced and directed by Christian Alvart. The film stars Wotan Wilke Möhring as a man who is contacted by a mysterious man demanding him to get an amount of money or he’ll explode his car with him and his children inside. The movie is a remake of the Spanish thriller Retribution.

Cellular (Prime Video Add-On & Hulu Add-On)

Movies Like Retribution
Credit – New Line Cinema

Synopsis: Abducted by a dangerous felon, a teacher’s only hope is a shaky phone connection with a college student. Kim Basinger, Chris Evans, Jason Statham, and William H. Macy star in this harrowing tale that Entertainment Weekly called, “pure chase-thriller excitement.” Directed by David R. Ellis; screenplay by Chris Morgan, story by Larry Cohen.

Non-Stop (Netflix & Rent on Prime Video)

Movies Like Retribution
Credit – Universal Pictures

Synopsis: Global action star Liam Neeson stars in this action thriller played out at 40,000 feet in the air. During a transatlantic flight, U.S. Air Marshal Bill Marks (Neeson) receives a series of cryptic text messages threatening to kill a passenger every 20 minutes unless $150 million is transferred into an off-shore account. With the lives of hundreds of passengers hanging in the balance, Marks must use every nuance of his training to uncover the killer traveling on the aircraft. Non-Stop costars Julianne Moore (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1), Michelle Dockery (TV’s Downton Abbey) and Academy Award® winner Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave).