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Marvel and Scholastic Deal to make new Graphic Novels of Miles Morales, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), and Shuri

The Heroes of the Marvel Comics have influenced every generation on their own, and with new readers exploring the world of Marvel Comics, it has been a joyful ride. As a new announcement brings even more exciting news to the fans of Marvel Universe, Marvel Entertainment announced a new multi-year deal with a global publishing company Scholastic, about a plan of releasing a series of original graphic novels which will be published through Scholastic’s Graphix Media imprint, the graphic novels will include Marvel’s beloved characters like Miles Morales (Spider-Man), Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), and Shuri.

The first book in the deal is Miles Morales: Shock Waves which will be written by Justin A. Reynolds, with art from Pablo Leon. Miles Morales: Schock Waves will tell the story of Miles as he juggles being a normal high school kid at Brooklyn Visions Academy while also being a web-swinging vigilante after a disastrous earthquake strikes his mother’s birthplace Puerto Rico, Miles tries to help and he sets up a fundraiser for the island as it is all happening a new student’s father goes missing and Miles begins to make a connection between the disappearance and a giant corporation who is also sponsoring Miles Fundraise to help the people of Puerto Rico.

“Ever since he entered the Marvel Universe a few years ago, Miles has struck a deep and personal chord with fans around the world,” Lauren Bisom, Editor of Marvel’s juvenile publishing, said in a statement. “As Spider-Man, he embodies that classic coming-of-age story. But as Miles, he represents so much more—and his life experiences, his culture, and his ability to embrace his inner strength make him one of the most important and inspirational heroes in the Marvel Universe.”
Future books will tell us about the story of Kamara Khan (Ms. Marvel) which will be written by Nadis Shammas, and Shuri which will be written by Roseanne A. Brown. More details about the books will be released in the upcoming months.
“The first books in our collaboration with Marvel have been enthusiastically received by critics and readers alike,” added Michael Petranek, Executive Editor and Manager, Graphix Media. “We are thrilled to bring fans of these amazing characters more stories to enjoy. We can’t wait to take our readers on new adventures and expand the breadth of our storytelling with Marvel.”

“After launching our prose novels with Scholastic earlier this year, we’ve seen a huge demand for more Marvel stories and entry points into the Marvel Universe,” said Sven Larsen, Vice President, Licensed Publishing, Marvel. “These middle-grade OGNs are the perfect next step to bring more readers in with the visual storytelling Marvel fans know and love. We’re thrilled to build our collaboration with Scholastic and tell brand-new stories that represent the world around us, both through our characters and the creative teams behind them. We can’t wait to introduce you to this next chapter for Marvel’s heroes.”

Are you excited about new and more exciting stories of our heroes that will inspire generations?

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