7 Best Classic Martial Arts Movies Like ‘Cobra Kai’ If you Loved the Series

Martial Arts Movies Like Cobra Kai
Credit - Netflix

Cobra Kai is ready to come back and grace the fans with its fifth season in September 2022. The drama series focuses on Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), who has kind of left bullying and turned into a karate instructor from a student. The series continues the story of the 1984 film The Karate Kid, in which Johnny lost the “All Valley Karate Tournament” to his frienemy Daniel (Ralph Macchio). In the series, Johnny inspires weak kids to learn karate so that they can stand up to their bullies and fight to protect themselves but everything gets muddy in a very entertaining way and many iconic characters from the Karate Kid movies make their appearance in the series. So, if you love the Cobra Kai series here are some best classic Martial Arts movies you could watch while waiting for Cobra Kai Season 5.

Shanghai Knights

Credit – Touchstone Pictures

Synopsis: Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson jump back in the saddle for Shanghai Knights, the hilarious sequel to the hit action-comedy Shanghai Noon. When Chon Wang (Chan) gets news of his estranged father’s murder in Shanghai, he leaves his honorable life as Carson City’s sheriff in a cloud of dust and reunites with his yarn-spinning sidekick, Roy O’Bannon (Wilson). Together they make their way to London on a daring quest for honor and revenge. Hilarious escapades and hair-raising adventures ensue as our heroes find themselves in the middle of a devious plot to eliminate the entire royal family. And Chon gives Victorian Britain a royal kick in the pants as he tries to avenge his father’s death and keep love-struck Roy away from his sister!

Drunken Master

Martial Arts Movies Like Cobra Kai
Credit – Golden Harvest Company

Synopsis: The Original Kung Fu Comedy! Won Fei Hung (Jackie Chan) stars as the mischievous young son of a martial arts school master who is constantly clowning around when he should be learning kung fu. After his comic antics injure the son of a powerful local man, his father enlists the help of his sadistic uncle to teach his son a little self-discipline. This strange man, who has a reputation for crippling his students, tries to teach Fei Hung a bizarre style of kung fu. At first, Fei Hung resists, but after losing a fight with a local assassin who has been hired to kill his father, he realizes he must master the special art of the “Drunken Boxer.” Drunken Master was the second collaboration between director Yuen Wo Ping (fight choreographer for The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Jackie Chan. Blending intricate martial arts moves with Jackie Chan’s trademark slapstick comedy, Drunken Master ushered in the new genre of kung fu comedy and established Chan as its uncontested king.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Martial Arts Movies Like Cobra Kai
Credit – Asia Union Film & Entertainment Ltd.

Synopsis: The story of the daughter of a Chinese aristocrat during the China Dynasty in the first part of the 20th Century, who has a secret identity as a subversive outlaw who strikes at night with an array of martial arts skills. The outlaw is tracked by China’s greatest female warrior who ends up befriending her.

Kung Fu Hustle

Martial Arts Movies Like Cobra Kai
Credit – Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia

Synopsis: Stephen Chow (director and star of Shaolin Soccer) is at it again with his newest action-packed and comedic martial-arts adventure, Kung Fu Hustle. From wildly imaginative kung fu showdowns to dance sequences featuring tuxedoed mobsters, you’ve never seen action this outrageous and characters this zany! With jaw-dropping fight sequences by Yuen Wo Ping (famed action choreographer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Matrix), KUNG FU HUSTLE will blow you away! In a town ruled by the Axe Gang, Sing (Stephen Chow) desperately wants to become a member. He stumbles into a slum ruled by eccentric landlords who turn out to be kung fu masters in disguise. Sing’s actions eventually cause the Axe Gang and the slumlords to engage in an explosive kung fu battle. Only one side will win and only one hero will emerge as the greatest kung fu master of all.

Shaolin Soccer

Martial Arts Movies Like Cobra Kai
Credit – Star Overseas

Synopsis: With tons of action, eye-popping special effects and nonstop laughs, here’s a hilarious martial arts comedy about a team of misfits who take their best shot at winning a championship! Sing is a skilled Shaolin kung fu devotee whose amazing “leg of steel” catches the eye of a soccer coach! Together they assemble a squad of Sing’s former Shaolin brothers inspired by the big- money prize in a national soccer competition! Using an unlikely mix of martial arts and newfound soccer skills, it seems an unbeatable combination…until they must face the dreaded Team Evil in the ultimate battle for the title!

Enter the Dragon

Martial Arts Movies Like Cobra Kai
Credit – Warner Bros.

Synopsis: Bruce Lee explodes onto the screen in the film that rocketed him tointernational superstardom, Enter The Dragon.Recruited by an intelligence agency, martial arts student Lee(Lee–Fists of Fury, The Chinese Connection) participates in a brutaltournament at a remote island fortress in an attempt to gather enoughevidence to convict the international drug-trafficker responsible forthe murder of Lee’s sister.In the now-classic fight-to-the-death finish, two men enter a mirroredmaze, but only one will exit…

The Karate Kid

Martial Arts Movies Like Cobra Kai
Credit – Columbia Pictures

Synopsis: A fatherless teenager faces his moment of truth in The Karate Kid. Daniel (Ralph Macchio) arrives in Los Angeles from the east coast and faces the difficult task of making new friends. However, he becomes the object of bullying by the Cobras, a menacing gang of karate students, when he strikes up relationship with Ali (Elisabeth Shue), the Cobra leader’s ex-girlfriend. Eager to fight back and impress his new girlfriend but afraid to confront the dangerous gang, Daniel asks his handyman Miyagi(Noriyuki ‘Pat’ Morita), whom he learns is a master of the martial arts, to teach him karate. Miyagi teaches Daniel that karate is a mastery over the self, mind, and body and that fighting is always the last answer to a problem. Under Miyagi’s guidance, Daniel develops not only physical skills but also the faith and self-confidence to compete despite tremendous odds as he encounters the fight of his life in the exciting finale to this entertaining film.