7 Best Disturbing K-Dramas on Netflix Right Now

Disturbing KDramas on Netflix

We are at a point in time in which horror movies don’t really shake us that much, it’s not that they are bad it’s just that we have become so desensitized by all the blood, gore, and jump scares that they are just normal now. So, in the spirit of that statement, we made a list of 7 K-Dramas on Netflix that while being non-horror shows are deeply disturbing and could keep you awake at night, and that’s what the horror fans really want, right?

Beyond Evil

Disturbing KDramas on Netflix

Synopsis: In most popular police-centered stories, the protagonists are detectives investigating violent crimes. However, most officers work at local substations, dealing with menial work every day. A series of murders take place before an officer, threatening a town that had been peaceful for 20 years. This series follows a man who realizes that to catch monsters, he must become a monster himself.

SKY Castle

Disturbing KDramas on Netflix

Synopsis: How do the wives of the richest families in Korea, those who have wealth, honor, and power, prepare for university entrance exams? We see their desperate struggles as they try to create the next generation of lawyers and doctors. This is a comical, satirical drama that thoroughly looks into the social desires of Korean families.


Shows Like The Resort
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Synopsis: What if signals come from the past to help solve the ‘cold cases’? A detective from the 90’s is connected with a modern day profiler through an old walkie-talkie.

Flower of Evil

Disturbing KDramas on Netflix

Synopsis: Baek Hee Sung hides his identity and past from his wife, Cha Ji Won. On the surface, they appear to be the perfect family — a loving couple with a beautiful daughter, who adores her parents. When Cha Ji Won and her colleagues investigate a series of unexplained murders, she is confronted with the reality that her seemingly perfect husband may be hiding something from her.

Strangers From Hell

Disturbing KDramas on Netflix

Synopsis: Story of strange people living in a share house, and a mysterious incidents a guy encounters after moving in.


Disturbing KDramas on Netflix

Synopsis: An unlikely partnership is forged, between a passionate cop and an emotionless prosecutor, to bring an evasive serial killer to justice.

Through the Darkness

Disturbing KDramas on Netflix

Synopsis: Ha Young is a criminal behavioral analyst. He looks cold on the outside but, he knows how to understand and see through people better than anyone else. He decides to become a criminal profiler who always puts the victims and their families first and takes full responsibility for them to the end. Young Soo is the team leader of the Criminal Behavioral Analysis Team, and he acts as a headman of the National Forensic Service, who knows what true authority is. He realizes the importance of criminal psychology from the beginning, and therefore, he establishes the Criminal Behavioral Analysis Team with Ha Young. As predicted, hideous murder cases with no motive occur in a row, and finally, the need for the Criminal Behavioral Analysis Team begins to emerge.