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HBO Max’s Locked Down – Review

Locked Down
And on that day, Lockdown will end Locked Down is the first movie to represent the current times, it is an honest but unimpressive attempt at capturing the feel and the state of mind of people living in lock down.…

Cobra Kai Season 3 – Review

Cobra Kai Season 4
Cobra Kai Season 3 is the New Year’s gift from Netflix and it doesn’t disappoint. After being scrapped at YouTube Originals just after two seasons because of YouTube’s own reasons, Cobra Kai found a home at Netflix, just like Lucifer.…

Pixar’s Soul – Review

Soul is the brand new world of inner conflict created by Pete Docter. Pixar’s new take on after and before life is the talk of the town, mainly because it’s brilliant. Pixar as always is tugging on your heartstrings with…