8 All-Time Best Shows to Watch on Netflix

Netflix's You, You, Netflix's Wednesday, Wednesday, Netflix's The Witcher, The Witcher
Credit: Netflix

One of the challenges content streamers face is deciding what to watch on Netflix. For a connoisseur of quality content, picking the right show to watch is one of the most important decisions. It is because completing any show requires a lot of commitment. Especially, if it is an ongoing series.  

While deciding on what to watch is one hurdle, the other arises if you have a slow network connection that disrupts the series due to lag. Therefore, it is important that you avail the services of a reliable ISP. You can enjoy these shows on a bright display with Spectrum mobile deals or similar offers from other networks. Check out the all-time best Netflix shows in the following:

Squid Game

Shows Like Alice in Borderland
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One show that came out of nowhere and became the talk of the town for all Netflix fans was Squid Game. This South Korean show is based on characters in a deadly game show where 456 people battle it out for the prize. But losing would result in their death. This show takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride. The second season of the show is in making. But meanwhile, you can binge on the first season and have an entertaining time.  

Stranger Things

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A complaint a lot of viewers have with different shows is that they often lose quality over time. Fans start to lose interest. However, Strangers Things on Netflix has been continuously providing quality entertainment to fans. No surprise that every new season attracts more fans who binge the first few seasons to catch up and get started. This sci-fi horror thriller series continues to wow fans. If Stranger Things is not on your watchlist already, you are missing out big time.  


Shows Like Wednesday
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If you have been a fan of The Adams Family, Wednesday is a season you should definitely watch. This horror comedy has plenty that will keep you entertained. There has been only one season of this show out yet and fans can’t wait for the next one. Moreover, Jenna Ortega’s spooky dance has been viral on TikTok with a lot of people doing their version of it. With so many reasons to not miss this show, it is highly advisable for you to press play. 

Money Heist

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date Announced
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Money Heist has been one of the biggest shows on Netflix that has been dubbed into English. Yet, the show has been critically acclaimed. This show has also won the Emmy Award for Best Drama Series. The main character of this show is a guy named professor who recruits people and is the mastermind behind the heist of the Royal Mint of Spain. There’s so much going on in this show with hostages, elite police officers, and the Professor-led team of robbers. If you like the crime drama genre, chances are that you’ll get hooked on this series.  


Shows Like You
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For fans of serial killer series with drama, You is a season that feels like it misses none of the elements. Penn Badgley perfectly plays the role of an obsessive lover, serial killer, and stalker at the same time, and fans never get tired of it. The new season of this show is coming this year with Joe Goldberg now in England instead of the United States like in previous seasons. It is another one of those series that make a Netflix subscription worth it.  

13 Reasons Why

Shows Like 13 Reasons Why
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13 Reasons Why is a Netflix classic and rightly so because it is different from much of the content people are used to watching. In the first season of the show, a high school student named Clay Jensen receives thirteen tapes which were recorded by Hannah Baker, a former student of the same school. Hannah Baker took her life two weeks earlier and those thirteen tapes are her 13 reasons why. The rest of the seasons also nicely add up to the story.

The Witcher

Shows Like The Witcher Blood Origin
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Adapted from the original game The Witcher, this series on Netflix is arguably one of the best adaptations of video games of all time. The main character of Geralt of Rivia is played by the Man of Steel famed Henry Cavil. The show follows the timelines of Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg, and Princess. With the progression of the show, their timelines merge. Follow The Witcher on his adventures in this fantasy action series on Netflix.  


Shows Like Dahmer Monster
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Dahmer is a serial killer series based on the real story of Jeffrey Dahmer who is one of the most notorious serial killers in America. The series received mixed reviews from the audience and it immediately took off to become one of the most-watched series on Netflix. The series shows you how Dahmer murdered his victims, the negligence of the police, and many other elements until he was finally caught.  

These are some of the best shows available on Netflix. In addition to these, there are plenty of other shows you can watch for solid entertainment like Dark, Daredevil, and Narcos. But first, make sure to watch the shows mentioned above.